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Hey lads,

Got the guy who wants to sell a 98' 323is with 75K miles for $8000.00
has M3 molding kit, polished wheels, sunroof ect..all options.

Good deal?

posted by  msooto

Erm....sounds about the right sort of price (I'm translating into £'s). Mileage is average. A bit more info wouldn't hurt though. Is it a 'one owner' example? Any extras such as Air Conditioning, Remote Central door locking, alarm, immobiliser etc etc? Does she have a full service history, preferably BMW?

posted by  Cliffy

It is loaded. The guy says he did most of the maint. himself...

I hear you can't do an "oil change" yourself cause it requires special this true?

I would hate to always take it to the dealer. I love working on my own cars.

posted by  msooto

The only 'special' tool you might need would possibly be a Torx socket for the sump plug, but I'm sure they're only standard size (about 17 or 19mm). Other than that it's pretty straight forward! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

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