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I am planning to purchase a new Renault Megane Coupe Cabriolet Dynamique. Several car supermarkets have the 2005 version & the 2006 version in stock at attractive prices, but I don't know which model to go ahead with. The 2006 version has, in my view, very superficial changes that don't make it any more attractive to me. The deals on offer mean that the 2006 version is about £500 more than the 2005 model, even for unregistered cars, both having a 3 year warranty when I purchase the car.

If I was keeping the car for a long time I would go for the 2005 version, but with an expectation of replacing the car in two or three years time, what is my best bet from a retained value viewpoint? The upgraded version of most cars seem to have a much higher residual value than the older model when they are 3 years old, even allowing for a slightly higher purchase price. However, does this only apply when there are significant changes to the specification, which I don't believe is the case with the Megane?

In summary, will I get my £500 back by purchasing the 2006 model?


Richard English
Sutton Coldfield

posted by  archiearchie

Interesting first post asking people to help you with a CBA gambling a poultry £500.

But my wife has a Megane, so I will recommend a series II for resale.

posted by  Wally

As the '05 car has lost slightly more value than the '06 model, I'd go with the '06. I'm suprised that car supermarkets have these in stock though, given how new they are. Especially the 2006 model. By the way, Also, two Reg's are brought out a year now dont forget (it makes a suprising difference, too). So both 05 & 55 reg will be last years models, and both 06 & 56 will be this years, although the latter isn't available yet! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

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