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hi all, what do you think of my new car, its a ford KA 1.6 collection in british racing green with colour coded bumpers

it was featured in the New York museum of modern art , not this one lol the car in general, it was shown as it has some what unusual looks.

ive enclosed a pic

posted by  mattuk05

I think you'll find it's a 1.3litre, as the only 1.6litre variants were either SportKa or StreetKa models, made after 2003 I believe. I used to really like the Ka's styling, in 1996 when it was introduced. In my opinion it's getting a little dated now, although it's done well to look this fresh for ten years!....I mean, you couldn't say a 10yr old Mondeo looks fresh, could ya! I also think that Ford should have put the 1.25litre 16-Valve Zetec engine in the Ka, as this would make it far more lively, and more refined. They were going to do this, but didn't for some reason! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

i stand corrected, yes it is 1.3 .....

i wasnt to sure on the looks of the car at first, the rear of the car is the unusual part but the front looks excellent i think. quite chunky and well rounded. i am a great fan of the ka but only with colour coded bumpers.

the front in my opinion does not look dated at all, the back, if updated with new lexus style lights looks good also, i intend to fit new lights and a spoiler, in the future possibly a body kit

i agree, today i see P reg ford ka's that still look good today, especially the colour shown below

posted by  mattuk05

She looks pretty nice :thumbs:

posted by  chris_knows

I agree about the body coloured bumpers. I remember when the Ka first came out, it was part of Fords 'New Edge' design aparently, and alot of people didn't like it....It was too controvercial I think lol. I like them though (even if they are in need of a little face lift lol). However, if Ford brings out a new model like they intend, I think it's gonna look like the Fiesta, which could be a bad thing as the Fiesta looks quite bland in my opinion!

posted by  Cliffy

its been the same for 10 years, ford have just adapted it and released different versions, e.g. collection , style ....

they have released the sport and street Ka also which looks excellent.

all the ford cars in my opinion look the same , and bland as you say, the only one i like is the ford focus ST , others look too box like

the ka has been very sucessful, on the road i see one almost everywhere i look, left untouched by Ford in terms of design, left so much infact 05 reg ones still come in some cases with Tape players

posted by  mattuk05

I'm sorry but I think this car is ugly as hell :evil:

I could have looked cute but ... for me it has something wrong. Looks too girly (not meaning it as an insult) I believe.
Or is it that I've seen too many bad female drivers owning this particular car ??

posted by  PowerOn

the car in my opinion is like marmite, you either love it or hate it..... in my case i love it lol!

i agree with the girlyness of it..... but with a bit of modifications it can be transformed.... e.g. lights , spoilers, bodykit etc rd-ka.jpg

posted by  mattuk05

Please dont 'Boy racerise' it lol....Those who know me here will understand that I have a dislike against the whole 'Cruz' thing lol. Still, each to their own I guess! btw...I've got ya on the old MSN thingy...didn't know who ya were at first lol. But I used my Coppers nose and guessed hehe

posted by  Cliffy

THAT is awesome

that isn't


posted by  jedimario

i hate fords kias they are a horrible shape to me :evil:

posted by  nissanlover

nissanlover, its a KA, i kinda like it, if they made a ST, or a RS it would be my sort of small car, they are pretty roomy in the front, for me anyway and im
6ft4in tall!
id say ford have done well keeping it in production for 10 yrs

posted by  True_Brit

its ka, not kia....

posted by  mazda6man

Lol I was hopin he meant Ka, aa Ford Kia is a like a Ford Chevy :laughing:

::says a little prayer hopin He will forgive me for putting the two words in one sentence:: lol

posted by  99integra

theyre good cars when you get a race engineer to remodel your car, my friends sister's friends brother (whew) had one with a 3litre V6 (vauxhall not ford) generating 375 bhp with a top speed of 160mph, not bad plus it was road legal!!!

posted by  True_Brit

I assume it was a mere typo, given that 'K' is above 'I' on the keyboard (I assume it's universal, lol). I'm still confused as to why Ford axed plans to put the 1.25-litre Zetec lump in it. It would have been more nippy, and more refined! *thinks he sated this earlier when the thread was started but cant remember...and cant be bothered to check*

posted by  Cliffy

yes he did, and K is below I on my keyboard lol:laughing:

posted by  True_Brit

The Ka's design isn't bad, but I think the StreetKa looks much better: PG_3_28_0_1431.jpg

I remember when I was in Italy, the tour guide was explaining the cars of Europe and we stopped by a Ka. She started talking about it, and jokingly stated the steering wheel cost extra. I didn't realize at the time it was a joke, and I wondered how a person could drive a Ford Ka if they didn't order the steering wheel. Wow I was stupid...:banghead:

posted by  moostang104314

i dont like the streetka! i think it looks to ugly, especially when its a 2 seat roadster, (fords (europe) first roadster for years and they release it in the form of a Ka) orrible

posted by  True_Brit

Nothing special by any means, lol.....0-62 in around 11 secs I believe......speed isn't everything though!

posted by  Cliffy

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