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Anyone else like the new Ferrari 599 GTB? :drool: :drool: :drool:

Its a good idea to actually read the text too
that one picture on the front pretty much sums it up though :drool:
im sure most of us have heard by now

posted by  nighthawk

Its a nice car, I don't like it as much as the other models though. I do like the interior a lot except for the yellow on the rpm background.

posted by  salimander13

I heard of it a little while ago, and it's pretty good looking...the interior looks nice too :2cents::drool:

posted by  chris_knows

Oh GAWD:oops: (I need new pants:ohcrap: ).

Wait a tick, WHERE"S MY SHIFT KNOB??? Can we please loose the flappy paddle shifters? Is that a shift light led in the steering wheel??

posted by  elchango36

i think it'll take a while for me to get used to the two tailights, as opposed to the usual four.

posted by  moostang104314

Nope, that doesn't do anything for me.....although I wouldn't turn one down if it was given to me lol

posted by  Cliffy

i pretty much feel the same way. I'm sure its great to drive and better to look at in person, but there's something about the styling i'm not too keen on. not sure what it is though.

posted by  moostang104314

Looks a little too uch like a Masarati for my liking...I know they're pretty m,uch the same company....but even so :ohcrap:

posted by  Cliffy

It seems to me that you either love it or hate it and I love it! I think the design combines a lot of different styles and combines them and I think thats cool.

posted by  Phantom100

Reminds me of a V12 Vanquish...:confused:

I don't care for it, but it's not ugly. The 550 and 575 are much prettier. Oh, by the way, it needs 4 tailights. :2cents:

posted by  jedimario

I like it so far. I want to see it in person, howevr, but to me, it brings back forms of the older Ferraris, like teh Daytona, 275 GTB and such, whicle keeping modern feel with no retro.

As for the two taillights... 0075.jpg

posted by  ChrisV

Well, to me they are screwing up their designs. To me the Enzo the most it looks OK....the best looking were the F-40, F-50, F355, F360, 550, 575

posted by  ilovelamborghin

This new Ferrari isn't pretty at all.

posted by  What?

It has sexy lines and all...its just not my cup of tea really, just respect it for what it is I guess, a Ferrari :smoke:

posted by  99integra

I heard of it sum time ago n ever since then I luved it. It was sexy yet muscular. But the thing for Ferrari and in general all super/sport cars is tht you have so much power at your disposal and very frankly speakin. I hate those celebrities tht buy these cars and then barely take it over 40. They insult the Ferrari. You may not beleive me considerin the fact that i haven't even driven a car, but I know wat I'm sayin is right.
Zoloft settlements (

posted by  Rock luver

The roof line seems to be copied from the 911 and 350Z. (At least I first noticed it in the 911 - not sure if it was in anything else) rsary-Z-Side.jpg

Otherwise, I like the look of it.


posted by  theman352001

Yes, but on the other hand, some celebs have either written Supercar's off, or lost their licences driving them....In some cases, both! :thumbs:

Look at JK (If that's how he spells it.....not too clued up on this stuff lol), he wrote an Enzo off I believe, one of only three in the UK!

posted by  Cliffy

Honestly speakin if tht is the case thn they shud buy sumtin tht they need rather thn buy sumtin n let it go to waste.

posted by  Rock luver

almost looks like a 612

posted by  mazda6man

i kinda like it, prettier thatn the 612 spaghetti or whatever its called:laughing: :mrgreen:

posted by  True_Brit


posted by  mazda6man

Glad to see ya on again bro :wink2:

posted by  99integra


posted by  mazda6man

i thin they should have called it the Spaghetti, but id much prefer the 575 maranello!!!!!

posted by  True_Brit

And the 240Z and the Toyota 2000GT and a shitpile of older Ferraris, from the 365 Daytona back through the 250 GT SWBs.

Pretty much standard GT fare.

posted by  ChrisV

When I saw that first picture of it in the article I didn't care for it but the pictures further down changed my opinion.

posted by  Beeelions

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