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I was looking through my local auto trader magazine and I found a 1970
porsche 911 with conversion which gave it a chevy 305 engine.
I assume it was converted because the original engine died and the owner didnt want to pay nor a new engine from Germany.
I'm not sure what i think of it. To me it just doesn't seem much like a
porsche without a flat six.
I'm just wondering what you guys think of it.

posted by  wishihada911

I've seen these before. IMHO it is still a Porsche, only different.

There are other reasons that the change might have been made: Person may have been more familiar with chevy engines; increase in HP; no replacement for cubic displacement; and of course the cost issue you mentioned.

I am in the process of making a Nissan 300Z turbo powered 914. Have the car and the motor. Just need to put them together. I am all for conversions. You can take different driving aspects from different OEM's and create a whole new driving experience.


posted by  theman352001

Often times the early 911s that are converted, started out as 911T models that had 110 hp, stock. Usually teh cost of rebuilding the stock engine, or restoring the whole car, is considerably more than the car ends up being worth. So they tend to be hot rod fodder.

The Chevy engine does weigh more than the stock 911 engine, but less than the 911 Turbo engine, with intercooler and all. The Chevy V8 with cast iron heads weighs 490 lbs. The 930 engine weighs 510 lbs. The standard Porsche 911 engine weighs 410 lbs. An aluminum Chevy LS1 weighs 400 lbs.

A good site on the process:http://www.renegadehybrids.com/911.htm

Costs of a complete 911 turbo engine are really, really high. Even a 200 hp 3.2 liter NA engine will run you well over $3500 used.

The weight bias will be no worse than a 911 Turbo. In fact, it could be a bit better, considering the slight added mass of the radiator up front.

So, it's cheaper, faster, and handles at least as good. Not a bad combo.

posted by  ChrisV

This is much like(Maybe mentioned above, 300zx? Nissan?). This may be the same thing as above, so please don't flame me. Back to the point, this is much like the conversion of an old datsun, from their standard engine to a chevy 350 or so on. I've seen quite a few of em, and at first when I was told of such, I was sure it was BS...

...just to be proven wrong :fu: (not on this forum, by a friend)

One thing that I don't like about this, is the fact that it makes the porsche un-original, and probably loses some value. But... if you are pure performance, what does it matter? Also, coming from a guy talking about keeping cars original, who fancys rice burners with all sorts of doohickies like un-funtional spoilers!(No no, I am kidding no spoiler on my rice burner).

posted by  Integra_LS

Well, a lot of Porsches are un-original, especially if they've been set up as track cars. Early 911s of lower trim levels (like the T or E models) aren't really worth a lot to start with in good shape, and many are in bad shape to begin with. One nice thing about Porsches. They were designed to be modded for track use, and in many cases, modded ones are worth more than stock ones. While that may not be always true for converted cars like this one, I've seen V8 911s and 912s that were worth more than their stock counterparts. Still it shouldn't be looked at as an investment, merely as a means to an end: a fast, fun car for not a whole lot of money.

Kind of like my RX7 V8 was, or my BMW should be.

It's not everyone's cup of tea, however. At least it's pretty much never a rare or valuable car that's converted like this.

posted by  ChrisV

Well the car is around the same price as other 911's of the same age. It's going for 15,000 canadian. Its still far out of my price range seeing as
still in high school but if I was looking for an older 911 I would certainly consider this one.
I think i'd still prefer a porsche 3.2 or the 3.6 from the 996.

posted by  wishihada911

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