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Can anybody help me make my decision on what to get. I am either going to get the 1.8t or the vr6. Tell me if anything i am saying is incorrect. I heard that the extra power from the vr6 is not that noticable, but it is faster than the 1.8t right?? My friend said that he got his 05 jetta gli 1.8t for only 16,500 is that really possible?? Also is there a certain year not to go below on the jetta's 'cause i know they changed the motor one year not sure what year though.

1. what is better the 1.8t or the vr6
2. what year modle should i not go below
3. what kind of price is right for a 05 gli 1.8t
4.also by chance can you list any popular cars that the jetta 1.8t and vr6 would beat if both were stock.

thanks in advance

posted by  supra_kid123

also what is the difference in the GL 1.8t and the GLS 1.8t. thanks

posted by  supra_kid123

I believe all new Jetta's are fitted with a 2.0litre Turbo rather than the 1.8litre Turbo unit....

1. In my opinion the VR6, however the 1.8 (or 2.0?) will drink less petrol!

2. That depends I guess....but the new models areb obviously gonna cost alot more!

3. At an educated guess, I'd say £14,500 (about what your mate paid I guess?)

4. To broad a question....'beat' in what respect? top speed? acceleration?

posted by  Cliffy

1. vr6, no replacement for displacement.
2. 99 i think, but i like the bodystyle before that too
3. too much
4. price range?

posted by  TurboLag

My answers are in regard to the US Spec Jettas. I think the 03 Jettas (or Boras?) in Europe are the MK5 models while we still stuck to the MK4 that year.

1. I would go with the 1.8T. Its only got 10 less HP than the VR6 but you get: Better mileage, and easier to tune (my friends who have a GTi only used a chip to raise the PSI of the stock turbo and got around 200 whp, which is more than the VR6. So the money you save from the slightly more expensive VR6 you can spend on upgrading). Also I heard the VR6 hinders the handling capabilities. Plus 1.8t sounds pretty good when you hear that turbo spooling up.

2. Below 2000 I think.

3. Uhm I was really guessing above $20,000, they have a high resale value and I agree with TurboLag that they are overpriced.

4. In straight line? Prob Mazda 3, Civics, Celicas. That kinda stuff

posted by  TKBMW

Whoops, for some reason I was referring to 2005 Jetta's lol

posted by  Cliffy

the gls an the gli thats turbo charged are both 1.8t the non turbos are 2.0 which is what i have, it has around 115 horse power. an i beleive the the only differnce between the gli and the gls is the gli has leather sets an that type of stuff, but not sure. an with my stock jetta i'v raced a stock scion tc an a 98 civic dx with with a few mods, and beat them both.

posted by  finly204

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