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I'm thinking of buying a peugeot 206 - anyone have any opinions on this car?

posted by  flight17

what is ur budget?:hi:

posted by  an_talpur

About £5000 - i want something with cheap insurance and good mpg

posted by  flight17

well,peugeot 206 is a nice car:clap: and u think u should buy this. for further advices u should wait for others posts:mrgreen:

posted by  an_talpur

£5,000 should buy you a tidy, low mileage 2002 52-reg model in Diesel form. Unfortunately insurance wil be quite high on a diesel regardless of size. If you did want the economy of a diesel engine, I strongly recomend the 2.0litre HDi Turbo diesel. You could however go for a 1.9litre non-turbo example of the same year, I'd highly suggest you do not even consider this version as it's van like origins are obvious lol, but for around £3,500ish, the extra £1,500 could be put on the insurance!

Okay, here's what I recommend, go for a small 1.1litre petrol model on a 2004 54-reg, and not only will it fall nicely withing you budget, and be a post facelift varient, but it'll be economical and reasonably cheap to insure, too! Just dont expect rocket ship performance, lol! Oh yes, almost forgot, my opinon of the 206 lol. I've never been a great fan of French cars, however, although Peugeot and Citroen are the same company these days, and Renault have just never really done anything for me, I'd say that Puegeot are as good as the French get lol....strange thing is, I HATE Citroen.....must be a badge thing lol!

posted by  Cliffy

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