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Hey guys I have a 98 BMW 528i. Its got 150k miles on it but it drives pretty darn good. Its got no problem with the powertrain, has silky a smooth transmission, and the suspension compnents are all in good shape. I wanted to do some upgrades on it, so what do you guys suggest?

I was thinking some of the following:

1. Slotted rotors
2. Sport shock absorbers and springs
3. Conforti CAI (anyone have any expirience with this? How are they?)
4. Switching out the 225/60R15 with sum 235-255/45R17-18
5. ECU Upgrade (Anyone know any good ones?)
6. Exhaust (supersprint?)
7. Lightweight Pulleys

Now I dont know THAT much about cars, so maybe you guys can tell me some upgrades that I should consider before doing the ones I listed above. Im not looking for a high-powered beast, but more an all around well-balanced car. Along with being my daily driver, I wish to take it to the track about twice a month.

Im hoping to not spend much above $4,000 on this car, do you think I can accomplish any significant performance gains with that kind of many.

Thanks :heh:

posted by  TKBMW

my responses in bold.

posted by  Zalight

2. Ground control doesnt make coilovers for the e39. Come to think of it, not many places carry so many parts for this model (xept the e39 m5). Are coilovers worth it? Theyre significantly more expensive than getting shock absorbers and springs

4. Yea I decided not to go too much on the width, since beefier tires would decrease my mpg. But doesnt the aspect ratio also affect the performance a good deal?

5. How is the shark injector in your car? I was looking at that, does it give a noticeable power increase? Dinan is prettty damn expensive and it doesnt get much power. Look at this
13hp increase for my car. By far the most out of all the chips ive checked out. But are these guys reputable? They make parts for Porsche, Ferrari, even I hope they would be.

6. damn, SuperSprint sounded by far the best. You have any other personal expirience with other exhausts?

7. Just did some research on them,im crossing them off my list. dont wanna risk the alternator

thanks dude

posted by  TKBMW

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