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Ok with this new F&F: Tokyo Drift out ( Yeah I saw it, I watch any movie that have cars in it) it got me thinking are there any Euro cars out there that compete in this race??

I would like to see a beetle like this one compete and represent for the Euros.

posted by  LatinDubber

as nice as that would be, its just for japanese cars only as far as I know, except for the mustang which has a japanese engine anyway:laughing:
you never saw any bmw's or anything? porsches?

posted by  nighthawk

On the movie they only had Skylines, Sylvias, alot of 350Z Fairladys, Evos and Even a 66 Mustang with a Sylvia Engine, which I wonder would it work anyways. I'd like to see some M3's compete.

American cars are being represented by the Mustang which you mentioned, and the new potiac GTO (not in the movie but I saw it on Speed or something)

posted by  LatinDubber

I'm a little ashamed to admit it, but I'm downloading the movie right now (no way in hell I'm paying to see that :laughing: )...I'm curious to see how it turns out and if it's any good (some of the reviews I've read say it's alright)...

posted by  chris_knows

Dont be ashamed...Its funny how alot of people talk S**t about the F&F Series...but yet they are always some of the top grossing films. So someone is going to the movies or buying the DVDs. Alll those people who talk smack about F&F are probably watching it.

We all have our secrets....

posted by  LatinDubber

Almost all of the people who talk shit about the F & F series are people who actually know something about cars and that a little wing and fart can will add NO power to an exhaust. All the little ricers running around with little cold air intakes, wings, and fart cans at the end of the exhaust, mostly get it from the F & F series, they think adding these things to their car will make them faster, when they really don't. Fart cans at the end of an exhaust will do nothing, you have to modify the WHOLE exhaust, I would love for one of them to explain to me how adding a 4" exhaust tip at the end of a stock 1.5-2.0" exhaust piping can do anything, because it can't. And cold air intakes don't do sh*t. I won't go any further because I could write pages about all the ignorance that has been created because of these movies. Personally yes, I have seen them all, and will prolly see the 3rd one some time, but I watch these movies knowing what works, what doesn't, and what is fake and what is real, knowledge that the other 95% of the people who see this movie don't have. I can usually put aside the fact that almost all of the movie is bullshit to just sit and enjoy it, the thing is most of the people who see these think everything about them is real.

posted by  Pythias

I agree with that....sort of. Now as I've said before, I hate Boy Racers, so seeing Induction kits and fart cans does annoy me some what, especially when installed on equally disturbing cars, however, although minimal, K&N filters and similar pieces of kit that cost the earth and add a little noise, do increase power, but only by around 2bhp (depending on the system I guess). As for rear silencers, they're just a waste of time and usually only add noise to make said Boy Racers look even more stupid!

As far as European drifting goes, I'd like to see more of it, but I think it would mainly consist of BMW's, TVR's, older eighties cars and other Front Engined Rear Drive cars, as this is the best setup for drifting!

posted by  Cliffy

I'm sure there will be some bimmers and other Euros to come out. I think a nice M series would be a good drift car. Or how about a Mini...I'm just throwin ideas out there.:screwy:

posted by  LatinDubber

You could drift a MINI, but would have to be handy with the handbrake! I can drift a Ford Focus :hi:

posted by  Cliffy

i can drift a transit, ha beat that :thumbs:

posted by  True_Brit

the fast and the furious movies have bred my entire generation into thinking that street racing is something worth basing your life off of-
when in reality, i dont think its THAT common of a thing. What person in their right mind (who has this money?) to Bet 35,000 on a race? Kid's dream and dream about street racing and buying the ultimate car on the market, to race to the top of list and be the "best in the city". Street racing really isn't even that common in my opinion.

Didn't that 13 year old girl talking about street racing in another thread mention the fast and the furious.

"Remember kids, street racing is something worth basing your life on. You wont ever get hurt or damage any property. Getting the fastest car on the market when you make 6.50 an hour is easy! Don't forget, the cool kids race for pinkslips"


posted by  Spade

Most of the people that watch it are little 10 year old kids and like Pythias said, people who dont know shit about cars. I know some people that think a Geo is a fast, that they know how to drive cause they do 40mph in an empty parking lot or some deserted place. They think that it's so easy to get power out of a car for such a little amount of money. They actually do believe that 4 banger street cars make 600hp with just a couple hundred dollars and easy modifications but if you told them to change the oil in a car they wouldn't know where to start, they probably couldn't even open the hood up. A classic one a few years ago I was talking to some guy who thought he was top shit and knew everything about cars and he found it hard to believe that in NHRA the dragsters can run the 1/4 in 4.5 seconds at 300mph.

posted by  Benson

The closest I have gotten to drifting is flooring an overpowered Fox body with about 350-400 RWHP that had next to no traction.

Beat that Mr. Rent-A-Cop-Soon-To-Be-Rent-A-Cop-On-The-Train-In-England/U.K

posted by  skeetin870

Just saw 3 Fast 3 Furious and overall, it wasn't TOO bad. I wouldn't have paid to watch it, but I don't regret watching it...It wasn't all rice and stuff and some parts were alright, although they didn't make too much sense lol...They definitely made LA look like Japan (or what I'd imaging Japan to look like lol). The main character (Sean) kinda reminded me of Forest Gump with the way he spoke lol, and his EVO was clearly RWD. One part I disagree with it putting the RB26DETT in the Mustang, especially since in the shooting they used the actual Mustang V8's. I was actually surprised to see Vin Diesel make an appearance in the movie, albeit about 30 seconds long lol. BTW For anyone who's seen the movie, what's the song they play in the beginning? It's kinda catchy lol.

I've got just one questions though, is there really a 180km/h rule in Japan? (Where if you're going faster than 180 the cops won't even chase you? lol).

Well, there's my :2cents: on the movie lol.

posted by  chris_knows

I would have thought it would be the other way round, lol.

LOL...Nice :laughing:

The only problem with the Transit is that they have a live rear axle, so both rear wheels move at the same pace, at the same time, deeming getting the van sideways more difficult. It can be done, as you say, just not too easily, even less easy in my case, as our Transit is one of the less powerfull models (90bhp TDI.....No CDTi here, lol..), I think yours is 130bhp?

It's another matter if you're talking about a FWD Transit, but they only made these in SWB, low roof form I believe, and I doubt you'd have any at work!....And yes, I've drifted a Transit....if you can call it that, but the road has to be a bit wet :laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

See...I said it wasn't a bad MOVIE (not a reference on car tuning). All these people getting bent out of shape about what the F&F franchise has done. For me I dont care. Its a movie and thats all it is. The bad part is when kids go out and try to race and end a a smear on the pavement. Yeah I have been challenged before but if it aint on the track in a controlled aint happening. What needs to happen and areas that have alot of street racing need to embrace it, by building more accesible tracks. That way more people can race in the controlled environments. Racing is never controlled, but atleast on the track they will only kill themselves and not some family on there way back from Wal-Mart or some church meeting.:thumbs: Ok thats my good Samaritan work for the day.:wink2:

posted by  LatinDubber

Apparently the police cars' top speed is 180 so anything faster and they don't even chase after it lol.

posted by  chris_knows

i didnt want to reveal the road condition but you got it!
plus it was a 2.5litre 135hp jumbo RWD

posted by  True_Brit

Nevermind, figured out the song..."Six Days" by DJ Shadow and Mos Def lol.

posted by  chris_knows

I guess given it's weight (LWB....twin rear hub), it wouldn't be much better than ours come to think of it!

posted by  Cliffy

Well have any of you seen/heard of the new laws (atleast around here) about street racing?

Here's a little video and listing.. you'll see what the video is of..

posted by  car_crazy89

I think it's fair to have their cars crushed, but that doesn't mean they should stop every modified car on the street...:2cents:

posted by  chris_knows

we'll see,,,,,,LETS RACE! :orglaugh:

posted by  True_Brit

anyway back to the topic

posted by  True_Brit

Really, thats kinda funny. I've seen plenty of dyno charts that disagree. Are you even familiar with the concept behind a CAI? Colder air = denser air. Its no myth, its simple physics.

posted by  PontiacFan27

Actually it has quite a basis in chemistry. Volume of gas goes down as temperature K goes down with pressure staying the same. Charles law

posted by  skeetin870

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