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SOO basicly I wanna do somethings to my car when we return to the states. The main one is I absolutly love the new front end on the e46's and i was curious if they would fit on my model just like swap out the nose and the valance. Then Ive just been debating on random other things. The car only has 78k miles on it runs great. The only problems I have encountered was my driver side window and the sun roof motors have both died and i have to replace them wehn i return. The sun roof was half cracked open when i left and well there was a huge storm in Hawaii it messed up my car cover and well it rained for about 30+days straight. So im expecting water damage because this happened about 3 months ago and I wont be back for another 3. Basically I'm asking has anyone ever heard of a kit to put the e46 nose piece(s) on an e36 and, whats a good BMW mod site?


posted by  Nemo328is

I highly doubt it, it wouldn't be the same size, nor would it fit properly. Why not put on an M3 front spoiler, its quite populer and looks very good...

posted by  Mathew

The e46 bumper wont directly fit...Meaning you can go out and pull one off of an e46 m3 and slap it on your car...But they do have many companies that make bumpers that look like an e46 bumper that fit on e36's.

Check out ebay and a company called MA-shaw, they make carbon fiber wide body kits, normal body kits, etc.

For BMW help check out www.bimmerforums.com. There is also a new site I just joined with very small amount of members that are very knowledgable. www.bimmerportal.com. Plenty of DIY's on that site as well.

posted by  Zalight

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