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I am looking at buying (second hand) a Fiat Stilo 1.2. Many people i have spoken to say that fiats are the best of cars but i cant say I've herd (in the car media) any thing drasticly bad about them.

If any of you have any experiences of stilos or fiats in general, please let me know.

Thanks, Gav

posted by  gazola

quite good cars i reckon, personally id go for the Punto if your having an engine that small (only expressing my opinion:thumbs: )

posted by  True_Brit


posted by  Benson

Or Tomorrow, if you by a real dog lol.

I have had bad experiences with Fiats, I've never owned one, but have had to work on a few. Where they're resonably reliable cars, they rust and aren't built very well!

posted by  Cliffy

You know, that might have been funny the first time someone said it decades ago. Just like if you did something stupid and I called you a retard in a joking fashion.

But if you heard me and others call you a retard on a daily basis, it wouldn't be long before you wanted to kill the next person who said it even as a joke!.

I'm that way about this stupid, tired old cliche. It would ONLY be funny of you are an 8 year old hearing it for the first time.

posted by  ChrisV

That would be me.

posted by  Spade

You know, it would be funny but I just felt like contributing some random shit. Afterall, that's all that is posted on this forum.

posted by  Benson

You're an 8 yr old? lol

Not everything at CF is random......I guess, lol

posted by  Cliffy

No, but im a young'n whose never heard it before :X

posted by  Spade

I think there's a thread here at CF somewhere, containing all kinds of car acronims (sp?) :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

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