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Hello. I am from Turkey and i want to introduce a new car made in Turkey. All parts from engine to wheel hand made. This car has lots of great spesifications. Maximum speed is 400kmh and also a great steering, from 0kmh to 300 kmh takes 20 seconds. This cars' motor researchs made in 9 Eylül University (İzmir - Turkey) and has a great tork and hp. Here are some pictures of this cars.


This is a prototype car and if you want to have one of it you have to collect €1.200.000. This cars' codename is Edonis - (means great and intellegent) Also a tip of this car : This cars' steering better than a F-16 Fighting Falcon...

Think about this... :D


posted by  vaperon

tell you the truth,,, i dont like it! whats the speed in MPH and how much is it in pounds ( £ ) as england dont use the euro!!!

posted by  True_Brit

i think its sweet! looks kinda like the panoz... only, a little different

posted by  mazda6man

ummm... if im right, it has a top speed of 248.5 miles, and a 0 - 186.4 mph time of 20 seconds

posted by  pocko5000

kph - mph: Divide the 400 by 1.6 = 250mph

posted by  Cliffy

Sorry to say it, but it's not from Turkey. That's the B Engineering Edonis (says so on the car and the pic name, even). It's a re-engineered Bugatti EB110 Super Sport, and it's built in Italy by a number of former Bugatti employees. It was first shown in 2001. Why would you say it's a new prototype from Turkey?






posted by  ChrisV

the middle pic of the red one looks most like a EB110 from that angle, mind you, it still doesnt convince me into liking it!

posted by  True_Brit

First of all, you are right but i mean that the car all hand made and all parts (what ever you think) made by humans. Also the hood you see made by hand, not from italian bugatti factory. But producers got their licence from B-Engineering. Also the engine. It made in our university labs and we made its tests. Tell me which cars got a steering like this car!!!. You could race with a plane. Not a boeing! A F-16 war plane! That baby all made in Turkey. And all tests made in Turkey. So is that an Italian car? If its all about hood, you could say its Italian... Thats not matter dude. ;)

Think the power... Not only appearence...

posted by  vaperon

Um, the Edonis, which you pictured, is the B Engineering Edonis from Italy, based on a Bugatti EB110 chassis, and built by a company (B Engineering) made up of ex-Bugatti employees. THEY built the car by hand, limited to 21 copies. You're saying you built another one, under license from B Engieering after they guaranteed no more than 21 cars built?

posted by  ChrisV

in some ways, im more drawn into ChrisV's conclusion, it sounds more convincing

posted by  True_Brit

selam, abi. nasilsiniz?:thumbs:

posted by  an_talpur

some turkish bloke???
who is he? are you gonna tell us he's the designer???

posted by  True_Brit

i just said welcome to him thats it:laughing:

posted by  an_talpur

oh! looks like a name to me lol :laughing: :ohcrap: :doh:

posted by  True_Brit

Sounds like a joke to me, the pictures aren't original no effort put into it.

posted by  DannyDarko

The Edonis is a bad ass looking car, kinda reminds me off the look of a saleen S7.

posted by  need_for_speed4

it looks sad..no really the headlights look sad :(

posted by  newyorker

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