Mercedes SL 500 vs. Cadillac XLR

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I have done some research on performance and quality. I like both cars, both of them are built in germany, cadillac is designed there, I need some opinion and/or facts to buy the better car. Cadillac is a bit faster and has the same amount of technology. Please help.

posted by  grand_tourer

Are you really asking a few people on the internet to help you decide between an $80,000 purchase and a $90,000 purchase?

And better? Better for what? Posing in? Racing in? Lasting until your next hot hundred grand car comes along?

Seriously, at this price level, you buy the one that strikes your fancy more. Neither one are better at being cars than the average Corolla. And MY taste in luxury purchases won't be yours, and yours won't be somone else's.

posted by  ChrisV

I would go for the MB...They are usually better cars because the XLR is new...once again go with what you long as it is the MB...jk...or am I?

posted by  StiMan

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