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I have been looking for a Jetta for a few weeks now was wondering if anyone could help. Im looking for a '99 or '00 with either the VR6 or the 1.8T. the only bells and wistles im looking for are power windows and locks and cruse control(i drive freeway mostly). My preferences in color are silver, black or red, although this is not imparitive. The problem i am having is my price range is very low. I top out a $4500. If anyone has any advice on how to find this car or actually has this car please come to the rescue!

posted by  Jwt123123


dont get a jetta..they are assembled in mexico, and have shoddy quality

posted by  newyorker

i was going to say get one as they are quite good (in england that is!!!)

posted by  True_Brit

England yes...everything in europe is built tol a higher calling..in the US everything is flimsy and is basicaly shit

posted by  newyorker

My father bought a jetta last year, it's an 02 with not too many miles on it. So far we've had no problems though. To be honest that's all I see driving in connecticut, is black and green jetta's; can't be that shitty.

posted by  Spade

Trust me...they are not good by any means...


posted by  newyorker


posted by  Nissan_Altima


posted by  newyorker

Some people hate them and some people like them, i dont really care what you think of them, i was just asking for help to find what im looking for, so thanks Nissan_Altima(especially for staying on topic!). i have actually already seen those but there was not really any that looked promissing but thanks for the help! oh and btw, its really only the electronics and accessories that have reliability problems, if you read on any other forums, as i suggest you do, many jetttas have lasted well over 200000 mi and counting without much major repairs being done. Oh and FYI all cars contain parts that are manufractured in all sorts of countires where you could say that there is shotty workmanship, so the jetta being assembled in mexico is of no consequence to me! Have a nice day!

posted by  Jwt123123

you might be better off loking for a used golf. there cheeper and you probally could get a newer model.

posted by  fatalbertxxl

Simply giving you a headsup is all. Plenty of Jettas around though (TDI, GLI, VR6) and more. Just take your time in finding one.

posted by  newyorker

My Jetta is ok. Well the minor issues like the power windows stoped working after 4-5 years. The vent went bad and needed replacement. Other than that don't remember anything major.

posted by  sam12

Yeh i 2nd a golf, plus they look smarter and handle better, thanks to better weight distribution in other words no boot .

posted by  Veeduba

I think if you spend less time typing mindless ramblings and more time using facts, you'd know that the Jetta/Bora has more advantageous weight distribution than the Golf. They do weigh slightly more (in general), but have a larger percentage of that weight on the rear wheels which is certainly benificial for handling.

posted by  vwhobo

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