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I am a vw golf owner now. But im looking to switch to a corrado. But im not quite sure what to look for in that car. I dont know to much about it, but i really like the car. Can someone help me out with some information on a vw corrado. Such as What year is the best, how many miles? Superchared or turboed? G60 or vr6? Just looking for some input. Thanks ::2cents:

posted by  esbryan

i dont know much about them but i found this off wkipedia!
it has links to other pages too!

posted by  True_Brit

If memory serves me, the G60 was a 1.8-litre Supercharged variation of the Corrado, which would probably make it less thirsty as far as fuel goes. However, if you want the beefy noise and a fair bit of power, I'd go for 1993(roughly), VR6 variant. All models were FWD (Front Wheel Drive) I believe, unless AWD versions were sold in parts of Europe! The Corrado is fundamentally a Coupe version of the Golf, so any weak points that 90's Golfs suffered, the Corrado might too!

I'm not sure I'd take Wikipedia as a reliable source for future reference though...I've heard bad things, lol

posted by  Cliffy


G60 Storm , id recommend 2 litre 16v supercharged, so no lag yay.

plus if its original it full leather, plus the bootspoiler moves up either with a button or over a certain speed.

However id stick with your Golf, espec if its a mk2 or mk 1

posted by  Veeduba

Cliffy is pretty much right. I haven't heard of any awd ones though (that would be hawt).

I say go w/ the VR6. They're more comon and there's lots of people w/ them because of it.

I/H/E and you got one sexy sounding car :thumbs: chip and cams just make things a whole lot better ;) . I was shopping for a mkIII GTI not too long ago. I'd still get one too if I find a good deal.

posted by  ALBi

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