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hey, hows it goin everyone- i got a 95 honda ex and I'm in some need of some expert advice. I'd like to spend $10k maybe a lil more, am looking for something that has around 45-60k miles or something..and something kind of sporty. Not looking for something really fast, gas mileage is something to consider although not that important. But I don't want anything like my honda which is really, really slow, although good gas mileage. At first I was looking at BMW 325is but I decided $17k was too much. So something like that, you get what I'm sayin. Leather would be awesome, and non ugly is a plus. What do I do I'm lost looking for cars lol.

posted by  andyisc00l

I'm assuming only a European car will do, given where you placed this thread. A little more info would be good, like how many doors you want for example? Or what body style (Hatchback, Coupe, sedan?) As you said you mentioned the BMW in your post I'll work with the assumption that either it doesn't matter, or you want a 4-door car or possibly a 5-door car, given that this is the band the BMW falls in. The first car that springs to mind, although not necessarily that sporty, and in the year of manufacture I'm talking about, not even particularly quick, but reasonable fuel consumption all the same. What about the VW Golf GTI 2.0-litre either 3 or 5-door? $10,000 (If my calculation of currency is correct), should secure you a decent enough 2000 - 2001 model with average mileage. At an educated guess I'd say 0-60mph would take around 9-seconds and top end will be around 125mph. As far as fuel econemy goes I'd say about 32-35mpg seems reasonable!

posted by  Cliffy

Like I said in another thread, if you're on a budget you should really try to stay away from those luxury cars because of maintenance costs, (unless you can repair it yourself)

What about an '02 mini cooper? They are light, speedy and agile, they aren't ugly in my opinion, and they'd be about 11-13k.

That or an '01 - '02 Volkswagen GTI. It's pretty quick and both of these cars get great gas mileage because they are light.

There aren't really any other non-luxury european makes sold in the US, but like I said, you might wanna stay away from the luxury models, although a plus would be they would have higher resale value.

posted by  Bronxie

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