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I am about to buy a car and I was wondering what all of you think of Audi? I heard that they are reliable but expensive to fix. I've been looking at 1996-98 Audi A4's and I like how they look alot. Your input is appreciated. Thanks.

posted by  VinatageVibe76

i like them alot too, but like you say, they can be expensive to fix when something decides to say no! apart from that, theyre quite reliable from what ive heard!

posted by  True_Brit

I could be totally wrong, and I will double-check, but weren't older/relatively older audis considered to be unreliable?

I am gonna check on that...

posted by  Bronxie

the Older ones were, but then again, if your looking for aerodynamics, audi set the benchmark for aerodynamic co-efficiency, the least drag/most aerodynamic car (i do believe it was set on the audi 100, thats why they had the little sticker in the back window) i dont know what the result was!

posted by  True_Brit

Audi part of the VAG group say no more perfection in German engineering hmmm bias maybe for my love of Vee duby however my mate used to run a anturbo diesel a4 '96' and only prob was the wiper in 2 years.

posted by  Veeduba

Alot of people in my school drive Audi's. I haven't heard of them having any problems with them.

posted by  Ferny

you go to private school or harvard?

posted by  mazda6man

wayzata...... and yeah same

posted by  fatalbertxxl

I go to a mostly middle class school and then a few obscenely rich people blend in. Mostly all the rich kids drive Audi's though and then then the middle class kids get them at this really badass dealership. The owner gives genrous discounts to anyone that he knows that are freinds with his son. I know my dad has been really good friends with him for most of his life and I'm gonna get like $5,000 off my car. So bassically everyone one on the football team with his son has Audi's to. Honestly though 25% percent of our school parking lot consists of 2000ish Audi A4's and the occasional TT.

posted by  Ferny

I'm sure you're into the Mercedes-BMW-Audi rivalry. They all produce medium-high class cars and, and quite frankly, any of them would be a good choice: they just have that german car performance. That speaks for itself heh? Anyway, I don't know if you have already decided to buy an Audi, but my favorite of those is Mercedes (my last car was an SLK 200 Kompressor, and before I had bought a CLK 200 Kompressor). When compared to Mercedes, Audi lacks experience. I mean Mercedes' legacy is quite impressive and they have surpassed some mistakes that are still made by Audi. Maybe this sounds like a bit of favoritism, but the truth is Mercedes have much more models than the other two makes, and most Audi's and BMW's look all pretty much the same to me.


i forgot that you're probably american lol. Well, in that case i think Audi is not so well established in your country, which may be a drawback.

posted by  avo_alfredo

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