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I need an opinion on this it a money sucker....and anyone know what kind of gas mileage it gets....I'm a single mom......and need any expert advice would be great! Or any other suggestions on a cars....Jeep Liberty???

posted by  gravia

Well, it's certainly a family car. Not very speedy at all, especially for the base model. It gets 22mpg city and 29hwy...with a manual. It's not a heavy car, especially for its class. It only holds 18.5gallons in the tank.

I think you could probably do better for that price. Honestly it seems like you're paying 30k (base price) for not a lot.

I'll suggest more tomorrow cause it's late here.

By the way, I got all that off of Next time try googling!

posted by  Bronxie

You might want to check out See what people who owned the car have to say about it.

posted by  giant016

in england, we have What? which is basically a customer purchase guide giving you an insight of whats good and bad! heres what i found of a volvo xc70 (v70) on what?car &RT=562&Submit1=GO

posted by  True_Brit

not fast mya ss. My moms 98' xc70 turbo is very quick and gets great gas mileage...its much faster then lets say most of the cars on the block

posted by  Bloodcraft

have you noticed how old this thread is???

posted by  True_Brit

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