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Alright well my friend recently got a 93 bmw 325is for about 2000 bucks, and now hes got me jelous. I was wondering what is a good european sports car that i could get for around give or take 1500 bucks. Ive been looking at a few porsche 944's but i want to see if there are a few more options. Thanks for the help

posted by  jamman

$1,500 Isn't really alot of money considering the type of car you're after. You say your friend has a 325i? Do you really want a sports car, or just something to match his car? I'm assuming his car is only average, especially given how much it cost him?

posted by  Cliffy

maybe an old citroen 2cv or something? like cliffy says, $1.500 isnt much for the type of car you want!

posted by  True_Brit

$1.5 certainly isn't alot :laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

im not looking for a super high performance sports car or anything like that. I know that 1500 isnt much to work with but thats all i can really afford at the moment. i can find a 85 or 86 porsche 944 for around 1500. I can probably get up to about $2000 it will just take me a little longer to get there. My friends beamer does have some slight exterior damage but nothing real major and its hardly noticeable. im not looking for a mint condition car. Just a car that can dip down into the 1800 dollar area or less.

posted by  jamman

I think even the cheapest porsches are about 5k from that year range...

If I was you, I'd save a few hundred more to broaden your market. Remember, this is something you're gonna be stuck with for a while. Make sure you get what you want rather than just jumping into something.

posted by  Bronxie

If you buy a used Porsche for $1500, its probably going to cost you way more than that in maintenance. Then, when you need to replace something and it costs $2000, you'll want to sell it, but no one will buy it.

And how the hell did your buddy get a 325is for $2000? Around here, a decent one with average mileage would cost about $9000 (well thats Canadian, so about $8000 US)

posted by  Mathew

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