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I just bought an 04' Passat and am wondering how to fold the back seats down. Can they, or cant they. I know its a stupid question, but the dealer gave me a manual for an 03' model and it is a little different looking in the pictures.

Any help would be great

posted by  chimpo

Oh that reminds me, I want to remove the rear seats from my bmw, to take some weight off lol.

Oh yeah and I will research your question.

posted by  Bronxie

of course they fold down, how else are you gonna get that door home from the home decor shop (just an example) have you ever thought of buying a haynes or the equivalent of???

posted by  True_Brit

Not all seats fold down, though I imagine a passat's would. Usually there is a button or pull release at each side on the top, beside the headrest. Some cars have the release in the trunk too.

posted by  Mathew

Not all seats fold, especially in a saloon car! If it's an estate they definatelly would do. There's usually a release catch on the top of the seat or in the boot!

posted by  Cliffy

okeydokey! i stand corrected! but i have been in a passat saloon (sedan) taxi with folding seats, theres a push sliding button on the corner of the back seats (this was an 02 reg)

posted by  True_Brit

damn, i think im out of luck

posted by  chimpo

Look in the trunk at the back of the back seats, see if there is a seam along there somewhere. If there isn't, you definately do not have split folding seats...

posted by  Mathew

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