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I might be making a automobile purchase

its a 94 golf it has 146,000 5 spd std with the 1.8 engine, I was wondering what is a good price to ask for such a car, the guy is asking 2000 cnd

its the 5 door, anyone here have any personal experience with this/these cars?

I was wondering things like power, handling, etc...

and also any good ideas for boosting power without spending a load of $


posted by  JKieley

$2,000 seems abit high for the mileage the car's done. For that kind of asking price I'd want significantly lower miles and a full service history.....and preferably one previous owner from new!

posted by  Cliffy

cough cough kilometres cough cough :laughing:

posted by  nighthawk

here are some pics to show you the shape that its in.




posted by  JKieley

My mistake, I completely forgot you guys use killometres in Canada, lol. Even so though, $2,000 seems high!

Looking at those pics, the car looks in okay condition for its age, however, the bonnet paint looks 'dead' at the front, to quite some extent.....as I said, $2,000 seems rather high! And the mileage is only average at 91,000 (converted, lol)

posted by  Cliffy

well I have talked to him and he said he will let it go for 1700 bucks does that seem better?

posted by  JKieley

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