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thanks to the russian bloke Nikolai Smolensky!
TVR are now packing up and leaving britain for good!:cry:
sad news for us brits!

posted by  True_Brit

Weren't they making a car that was supposed to have around 1300hp? lol.

posted by  chris_knows

it was 800bhp and it was too powerful to take on a public road because it would spin all the way through the gears until 6th (apparently) thats if you and me are thinking of the same car, either that, or youre getting confused with TKR!
TVR Speed 12
and the TKR

posted by  True_Brit

That's the one lol. It was TKR :oops:

posted by  chris_knows

well, TKR are staying where they are! is it me or is Britains motor industry diminishing??? we still have Caterham, NOBLE, TKR and small, back shed car companies because TVR were the pride of Blackpool!!!

posted by  True_Brit

Holy shit, thats sex on wheels, screw the TKR, looks like another radical supercar, that TVR on the other hand looks like a Viper meets Enzo, with those power and looks, damn what I would give just to drive one once.... god knows I'd prolly kill myslef in it.

posted by  Pythias

What about Lotus? MG? Land Rover? Jaguar?

posted by  jedimario

Lotus are owned by Proton, MG are chinese, Land Rover, well, british to the core and Jaguar, Ford like you know!

posted by  True_Brit

It would seem that way....I've never really liked our cars though..

posted by  Cliffy

we do still have the London Taxi thats still english :laughing:
(not the fastest car in the world though but its entered the Gumball Rally once!)

posted by  True_Brit

Anyway, whats your favourite TVR??? anyone?
mine would be the Cerbera 4.5 Speed Eight i have in my sig below! great car, great sound to. Big British V8

posted by  True_Brit

Land rover belongs to ford

And the good thing about tvrs is they are relatively affordable...generally range from like 100,000-120,000 dollars (converted from english currency), unlike most other super cars.

I'd kill to get one of these, though er_front.jpg

posted by  Bronxie

i know Land Rover is Ford too, what i meant is the design is british, the engineering is british too and it was designed for the british (mostly)!
and that is the only sort of Pagani id have, the soft top/removable roof (what would you call it? the one with no roof???) but it would be useless here, speed bumps that dont run the length of the road but raise from the middle! country roads that arnt as wide as that is!

posted by  True_Brit

Found these videos at school today. This explains what went wrong with the British Automotive Industry.

Clarkson's Car Years - "British Leyland" Part I (
Clarkson's Car Years - "British Leyland" Part II (
Clarkson's Car Years - "British Leyland" Part III (

posted by  chris_knows

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