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Wow, I knew it would look exactly like the new 3 series coupe of course but for some reason when I saw the pic I was shocked at how awesome it looks.

posted by  Bronxie

what did he say now that you want a Lotus???:laughing:

posted by  True_Brit

He said if I do well academically for this semester and next I can have any car I want. (which I am gonna do anyways, but I am impatient)

I am deciding if I should get a job, get a loan and buy it myself for a really high interest rate and then let him take over if he wants at some point.

I only have classes 2 days a week because I crammed them all into two days, and between money my dad gives me and a job I could buy almost any long as I can get a loan.

posted by  Bronxie

There's some good pics of the car. I haven't seen one yet, but the pics certainly look great. Have fun with it!

posted by  jedimario

Wow I swear I not only posted on this thread but there were more posts as well.

posted by  Bronxie

someone must have deleted them because i posted quoting you saying comparing the vette to the bmw is like comparing apples and bricks! i remember because i said "is the BMW the brick":laughing:

posted by  True_Brit

I like the look of the new 3-Series cabby....however, all Convertible's of that type seem to look the same these days...:ohcrap:

posted by  Cliffy

Yeah, it's why I prefer roadsters.

posted by  Bronxie

yet most new roadsters look the same! alot of vehicles look the same nowadays! i can give you an example with commercial vans!

new mercedes sprinter des_Benz.jpg

volkswagen crafter

posted by  True_Brit

....New Transit, too :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

dont mock the tranny! (although i do agree)

posted by  True_Brit

Despite Bronxie's long and complicated explanation, buying a car that is the last year of its generation is usually a good idea, because the company has had a chance to work out all the bugs. So its likely that Bronxie's 2006 is the best year for that car. And its likely that the 2007 will be the worst of the new generation.

posted by  Mathew

How old are you, if you don't mind me asking? Don't remember you telling us and I was just wondering.

EDIT: Nvm, your profile says it, ignore the question. Your parents must be well of though to buy you a 37K out of nowhere. Not flaming, just stating.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

"Bug" wise, yes. The 07' 3-series is likely to have more glitches than the 06'. But when both cars are functional, the improved upon newly designed 07' vehicle will usually out-please an out-going model. The driver is also getting the "newest thing" so it can be image pleasing...which seems to be popular in his part of town. Then there is the increase resale value of the new car, but he's leasing so it doesn't matter.

posted by  Monsta

Doesn't matter anymore. The car is going to be deemed totaled after the insurance company looks at it.

And scratch the lotus too, you were right, it's EXTREMELY unreliable. I will save that info. for the lotus thread I posted, though.

posted by  Bronxie

So it depends on what the buyer wants out of the car...

posted by  Mathew

And from reading most of his posts exteremly spoiled ........... how about instead of complaining about which car your Dad buys you, be grateful that he is buying you a car at all. Especially when it's a nice car that the majority of the population would have to work hard to buy/lease.

No offence to you Bronxie, but I hate kids who have no f**king clue about the value of a dollar/pound/euro and complain about stupid sh*t like "my Dad wants to buy me a 325Ci and I wanted a Z4" just for once be grateful about what is being offered to you and hope that one day you are mature enough to realize how lucky you are.

The fact you wrecked it (don't know the circumstances, and so don't know who was at fault) tells me you are too immature and inexperienced to have been given it in the first place, and did not value the car enough. Read the Mustang Vs Cobra thread about the 15 year old wanting one of those for a first car and everyone telling him about how he will prob wreck it. If your Dad does get you another BMW, before you go driving around thinking how cool you look with your platinum chain and watch, stop for a minute and think how priviledged you are.

Again no offence, just a pet peeve of mine.

posted by  naiku

The root cause of this common behavior of rich teenagers is not they were given things and think they look cool.
It's that people will look at them and think they look cool.

I, for instance, work the other way around (from the "people who look" perspective)

posted by  Valter

So despite your judgements based on "most of" my "posts", I acknowledged the fact here that I don't deserve much better than a corolla given the circumstances and that I would be grateful for it.

OK, you said yourself you don't even know who was at fault or what happened, so how could you even SAY I am too inexperienced? WHat the hell? If you read the thread, you'll that it indeed was my fault, but having been a daily driver since I was 16, I have racked up many many miles of experience, and to say that I am too inexperienced because I made a mistake that could happen to anyone is an outrageous statement

Pet peeve of mine:People passing judgement on situations they have little clue about, and people passing judgement on ME because I have a good car that I didn't buy. I DO WORK. I own my own business and I DO make money.

You are out of line saying I don't know the value of a dollar. I would, in a split second, buy any of these cars with my own money, but the fact of the matter is, since you seem so eager to know, I have not filed my taxes yet for this year and I don't have much credit so it is difficult if not impossible for me to get a loan. Ask my dad to get a loan for me? He wouldn't. He'd say, "just do what I ask you to do and I'll get you whatever you need. NO LOAN."

So thanks for making huge assumptions to answer what you did not know as opposed to asking me questions in order to find the answers to what you did not know.

EDIT: And just FYI, I don't think I look cool in anything. I take no pride in my possessions seeing as most of 'em I didn't pay for. I never bragged about anything here, it was merely taken personally by certain people. Jeeze.

posted by  Bronxie

Bronxie, I agreed with everything you said.....untill you said the part that I quoted above. Regardless of who bought you most of your possesions, you should take pride in them all....because they are still YOURS. I see what you're saying, that you don't try to look cool and that you havn't bragged about anything, which is a good thing in itself!

posted by  Cliffy

I mean to say that I don't become prideful for owning luxuries and material things that I did not buy. I take pride in them and I care about them, but not in the sense that I feel above anyone else for owning such things.

posted by  Bronxie

I had posted a whole reply, but to be honest like I previously stated I don't plan on getting into an internet argument. I have my views, you have yours.

posted by  naiku

Your views are ignorant and unnecessary.

posted by  Bronxie

You just proved who is the ignorant one, and it's a public forum my views are as (un)necessary as yours...........

Actually I stand by what I said, especially my comment about you being immature and inexperienced with driving (your maturity proved again by replying with an insult to me about being ignorant after I had edited/removed my post because I did not want any kind of argument).

Explain this to me, if you have so much experience from your having driven many miles since you were 16 (I read about what happened when you crashed the BMW) then you would have been driving at an appropriate speed for the conditions when you crashed, you said it was an unfamiliar road, so surely you would have using your vast driving experience taken this into account and slowed down a little, surely since it was dark and a little foggy that you had your headlights (and maybe even your foglights) switched on and would have seen the turn approaching, regardless of whether the turn was signposted or not (in real life not every turn is indicated to you) :screwy:

You claim you work hard and simply cannot get credit because you did not file your taxes, yet you work hard, and have your own business. Your credit rating is not based solely upon your tax returns, in fact it has very little to do with it. A lender would see that you have your own business and view this as collateral, therefore would be more likely to lend you money expecting that since you have your own business that you are less likely to run off with their money. Have you even made any attempts at getting your own car? surely if you worked that hard you would want to buy your own car, be it a Corolla for a couple years to build credit, or any other vehicle, or do you simply wait for Daddy to call and offer to buy you something at which point you then come on here bitching about how he said he will buy you a BMW but you want a Porsche/Lotus/Mazda.......... for the record I actually thought it was pretty decent of you to say you feel like you deserve the Corolla because you already wrecked one car, yet you still brag and complain constantly about the hand that has been dealt to you.

You said you take no pride in material possesions that have been given to you, surely from someone who has their own business (and would know how hard it is to run a business) you would appreciate even more when someone helps you out and buys you something. The fact you take no pride in them shows you do not value them for what they are since you did not have to pay for them, and should they be lost, someone can just buy them for you again.

Blah, all you have done is proved what I initially thought. Now since I have posted my views (which if you remember I actually removed because I did not want to participate in any arguments) feel free to call my views ignorant and unnecessary.

posted by  naiku

I'm not sure if it's different in the US, but that's not always the case here, atleast! I was self employed for 18-months or so and from experience know that most lenders frowned upon me.....Seems to be the case alot unless you're a successful business person. No disrespect to Bronxie, but he's only 18-yrs old so there's only so sucessful his business can be....unless he's got ALOT of money placed in it! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

In the US loans are based very much on collateral, if the banks think you have something they can take (house, car etc) they are more likely to lend you money.

posted by  naiku

It's pretty much like that here (they'll secure a loan on a house for example).....but they don't seem to like the self employed!

posted by  Cliffy

That's true, I think in the UK though you can get an unsecured loan. Over here it's a lot harder to get a loan unless they know they can take something. I never had a problem getting an unsecured loan in the UK and did not own a house.

OT: I can't have lived far from you in the UK, used to live near Southampton.

posted by  naiku

Unsecured loans are alot harder to get over here....although my credit history is far from rosy, lol. I live in Farnborough, next town along the M3 is you didn't live too far from me, infact, my Dad lives in Southampton!

posted by  Cliffy

A public forum means you have the right to say most of what you want, however, it doesn't make it any less ignorant.

It was not an insult, it was merely a declaration. If you take it to heart or as an insult, that just shows you can't accept criticism well. After is a public forum, or so I thought.

I'm sorry but I missed the part where I said was not driving at an appropriate speed. I guess that eluded me.

Yes, that's right. I forgot to mention that I am actually blind. I didn't see the turn because I am legally blind. It wasn't because of the fog, or the dark, or anything like that.
And if you consider the damages / injury ratio (if you can even quantify such a thing). Both occupants were 100% UNSCATHED, which is a good indicator that I was not going at any inappropriate speed.

WRONG. A lender wants to see that you have some kind of income. I have never filed taxes for my business because I just began it about...4 months ago. I have tried many times to gain some kind of loan. Even the jewelry store wouldn't accept me to pay off my girlfriend's necklace I bought.

Secondly, the part where I said I worked really hard or "so" hard eluded me. Is this another attempt from you to "enhance" your claim against me? Seems so.

And lastly, I missed the part where I bitched about what car he was buying me, or anything of the sort...I was asked questions by individuals (last one I remember was my friend, true brit) and I answered them. Never was there bitching or complaining about anything.

Wow, you really must have no argument against me. So far, most of your points were entirely fabricated and pulled out of your ass.

I thought I explained this to clifford. I said to clifford...

Yawn. More baseless accusations.

All you have proved is that your views are indeed ignorant and unnecessary. Nearly everything you said in your post was a flat-out lie, exaggeration, or something you quoted me on that I didn't actually say.

I said your views were ignorant and unnecessary because aside from the fact that they are, they were based primarily on assumptions you made (which you inadvertently admitted to within that original post) which would account for the ignorant part.

They were "unnecessary" because it had no relevance to anything in the topic or anything anyone else said in the topic.

In the future, if you don't KNOW the answer to something, ask. Don't assume and make judgements.

Now kindly stop.

posted by  Bronxie

New post because I'm replying to new ideas.

I have virtually no credit. I pay for my business bills (hosting, custom phone number, etc.) and that's about it. Not enough.

I have no filed income as of yet (will file for the end of the year)

And you seem to forget that lenders aren't exactly cars salesmen or realtors. They don't want to have to rely on collateral. That's a huge liability to them..

posted by  Bronxie

Hmm sounds to me like someone else around her can't take criticism too well.

It's pretty obvious you were not driving at an appropriate speed, if you were (regardless of the fact that no one was injured) then you would not have crashed in the first place.

I don't need to enhance any claim against you, you enhance them for me. I made the assumption that you worked hard at your business (next time I won't bother and will instead assume you are a lazy ass), you said you work and have your own business (something hard to achieve which would require hard work)

Hmmmm ok, so .......

Or we could go for.......

Your whole Lotus Elise thread goes on about how you want to persuade him to maybe buy you a Boxster, but you want a Miata. Reading through it as well it appears I am not the only person to think you may well be full of it.

A similar location to where I now begin to wonder if this is where you pull your BMW's, platinum watch/chain, business etc

You only explained this because you were called out on what you said and felt the need to defend yourself from the clearly spoilt brat that you are (and show yourself to be).

Blah blah blah blah blah I live in one of the wealthiest counties in the country blah blah blah go back to imagining what car you can test drive next with your bling bling gold bracelets and platinum chains which I am sure impress everyone at kindergarden.

posted by  naiku

You know what, pretty sure you already said it yourself. You have your views I have mine, gonna let bygones be bygones.

posted by  naiku

I don't accept mindless criticism. Use your brain on occasion and your criticism will be accepted. My guarantee.

If you are going 35mph (approx. what I was going) and don't react until you are maybe 10 feet from something, you will crash. I thought that was common sense.

An assumption nonetheless. Mind you, you quoted me as saying I worked so hard. I did not say that. You used it as means to enhance your story. So apparently you do need to enhance it.

I'm sorry, but I believe you said something to the effect of

Which would mean you were referring to me getting a new car to replace to wrecked one, because nowhere in your quote does it mention anything but a BMW, which he had agreed to get. Mind you, that interaction between he and I occurred back in June.

So apparently, you know you're full of shit, because you couldn't even back up what you said. You had to move to something irrelevant to make your point, which still isn't even a valid point. Tsk, tsk.

Again, same logic applies. And maybe I am retarded but how is asking for a less expensive car being spoiled?

Um, what? I made ONE post there about the car I was getting that was not in direct response to anyone. The rest WERE in response to OTHERS. The one I made was an update on what car I would be getting, based on what my dad said, not based on what I said I wanted or what I wanted to try to convince him to get.

And I have failed to find anyone else who said they felt the same way as you on that thread. Seems that you were the only one. What does that say about you? That maybe you're ignorant when everyone else is realistic and doesn't make assumptions.. or perhaps it means that you're a genius while everyone else is mentally inferior to you.

Pictures don't lie, my friend.

I took this pic just for you because I didn't have any other ones here with all 3 pieces on.

Are you dense? I explained it because I was misunderstood. Is that not a valid reason to explain myself?

Is it my fault that people like you and cliffy didn't understand what I meant the first time around? Maybe it is. Maybe I worded it wrong. But at least after I explained it you'd assume that another idiot wouldn't come along and make the SAME statement that someone did earlier and was corrected on.

I guess you are just making history.

Why do you get such a complex over things I say? Like I said in the beginning of my must be really insecure inside to get upset over THAT, which was a response to a question someone asked me!

posted by  Bronxie


You really felt the need to take a picture of yourself!!


Too funny. Thank you for cheering up my day :clap:

I actually don't know why I keep replying to this thread, and I would be curious as to how many people share my views but do not want to speak up. Ok, I am done. Thanks for the pic though, it really was grrrrreeeaat

posted by  naiku


I have my digital camera right here. I walked to the bathroom and took a pic. Took about 2minutes maximum, and your reply was definitely worth the 2min.

I guess this really shows how immature you can be

posted by  Bronxie

Yeah I really feel immature now, you really pw3nd me there Bronxie!! wow I feel really small.......... I don't know how I will go on.......... the ironic part is that I never really doubted that you own(ed) a BMW/watch/necklace/bracelet. In fact I only even mentioned this after your ass pulling comment.

So basically you just highlighted that you do like to brag about things, despite your claims otherwise.

The fact that you took 2 mins (and sure it was only 2 mins) to go and take that picture, transfer it to your PC and then to upload it, all to try and prove me wrong. The fact you simply went and did this in itself proves that you think you are a better person by owning them, yet you have no idea who I am, and should really not care about whether I believe you or not, but you still felt the need to prove to me (I repeat, someone you don't know, and is essentially only words on your screen) that you really own these things by posting a picture of them on the internet

Whether that makes you somehow feel greater than me (and other people) I don't know, maybe its some personal issues that you have, and to address these issues you like to hide behind all your flashy jewelry. Money can't buy happiness Bronxie, you need to sit down and think about why you feel the need to show off to people you don't know how cool you are. I am guessing not enough attention as a child....... oh wait, you still are a child.

posted by  naiku

Nice talking!

Feels like I've grown in intelectuality.

posted by  Valter

Me too...I never knew intellectuality was a word lol. :mrgreen:

posted by  chris_knows

and you are stupid enough to cause all this shit about it?

posted by  nighthawk

Maybe, but you are now stupid enough to have read some of it, and then replied to it!! :mrgreen: :orglaugh:

posted by  naiku

HMMM looks like hypocrisy. Caring about what someone thinks whom you don't know? Talking about me taking the time to prove you wrong and argue?

I wonder how many minutes you expended replying to me over and over. Is that not the same thing? Of course it is, conceptually anyways. So what does that make you? Everything that you just said I was for doing that? Nice job.

Besides, I am used to being told to prove things on here. I had to do it when I first joined also because some people didn't think I drove.

AHEM. Now to argue your retarded accusations...

If I am the one who is insecure and tries to veil my insecurity by wearing jewelry and stuff, what are you? Are you not the one who, by your own accord, BROUGHT UP those various things? Such as my jewelry, my county's wealth, in this quote?

Why would you bring that up? It was not directed towards you. You weren't even around as far as I know when it was going on. Obviously that indicates a lack of self worth. You obviously felt threatened by those various things I mentioned, for whatever reason. You definitely got a complex over it. So what's the problem? Does it make you feel like you're less of a person because of that? Do you compare yourself to me or something? Someone you don't even know? Who is merely words on a screen for all you know? You need to sit down think about why it is you feel like this about people you don't even know, why you feel inferior. Maybe not enough attention as a child. Oh wait, you are a child.

Lastly I will say I never bragged about anything. Only responded when I was asked. Even if I went out of my way and said I was getting a BMW or something, that's not bragging. That's no different than someone saying they are buying a new kia rio (no offense to rio owners). It is to YOU, because you are insecure about yourself and feel like it is bragging even when it's not, but the fact remains, it is not.

posted by  Bronxie

well........that that was a good read yet worth my time!:clap: :thumbs: :laughing:

posted by  True_Brit

I lost the initial point of how this topic went OT reading all of that. Well, enough's enough guys...*click*

posted by  Cliffy

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