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...this is my next car:

$7500 1998 740iL Carfax certified, with warranty. 140k highway miles, recent service. Nice, clean example of an E38. Going to pick it up from the dealership on Thursday.

I also bought the entire BMW factory service manual set on DVD (a cool bit of info... once the software is running, you put the VIN in and ever bit of info about the car comes up, and it works on BMW models back to 1938! Which explains why it's a 6 DVD set).

Next step, summer wheels and tires: staggered M Parallels, of course.

In order to make room in the driveway for it, the Falcon will be going. It was supposed to be a quick "lower and paint" cool daily driver, but it needs an engine and transmission rebuild, and I'm not in the mood to do yet another major engine removal project right now. So, while it's still together and stilll kinda runs and drives, it's going away and I'm getting this BMW to be the daily.

posted by  ChrisV

nice ride, you're not shreddintread on are you? :laughing:

he recently just bought essentially the same car, and he is into photochoppiung too lol

posted by  nighthawk


posted by  ChrisV

Congrats! Can we get some more pics? :mrgreen:

posted by  chris_knows

Awesome... The E38 7 series has always been my favorite 7 series. Congratulations. Is that a car phone on your armrest?

posted by  elchango36

Yeah, it's an old school car phone. Lol! Not going to get much use these days. I'll get more pics this weekend when I pick it up from the dealership. Can't wait. Going to be driving it it all over CT on Friday, then drive back here to Baltimore on Saturday, so it's getting a good intitial workout.

posted by  ChrisV

i agree with you, its my favourite 7!
nice wheels and interior too!!!

posted by  True_Brit

Lovely car, Chris. Looks like you got yourself a bargain! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy


Are you sure you're getting a good deal? I bet you could get that down to 7k if you tried.

You are paying the general going price for this car, I want you to get the best deal :screwy:

For ex:;?tracktype=usedcc&searchType=21&pageNu mber=1&numResultsPerPage=50&largeNumResultsPerPage=0&sortorder=ascending&so rtfield=PRICE+ascending&certifiedOnly=false&criteria=K-%7CE-%7CM-_5_%7CB-80 00%7CD-_41_%7CN-N%7CR-10000%7CI-1%7CP-PRICE+ascending%7CQ-ascending%7CZ-105 80&aff=national&paId=207094566&recnum=62&leadExists=true

That's a 1988 740il with 115k on it for just 6800...

posted by  Bronxie

I'm getting financed through Capital One, and the minimum they allow is $7500. This is actually the cheapest '98 I've found, with retail being well over $10k. I also was bidding on a '97 SWB, and a '96 that was optioned up with the M parallels and a lot of nice cosmetics, but that one went over $8k, and I decided that the $7500 was the best deal available regardless of what a price guide said.

The other SWB I was looking at was going for $8900, and a pair of '97 LWB versions were over $10k with warranty.

Yeah, I think $7500 was a good deal for a loaded, two owner '98 with warranty and clean carfax, even with 144k miles.

posted by  ChrisV

Oh, and I could have gotten a lower price on a brown car, like the one you posted. I don't WANT brown, gold, or white. I wanted black on tan or black on black. Nor would I go to Illinois, Texas, Georgia, or Florida or anywhere on the west coast, as the small savings that MIGHT be incurred would be offset by the cost of getting it back here.

posted by  ChrisV

Beamers are great cars in general. I know some companies have ok lines, but every once in a while will botch something or another. Everything BMW puts out is a prime example of that superior German engineering at work.

Of course, their new M series cars are exquisite specimens of this exact thing.

posted by  KYcarguy

I wasn't suggesting get that one or a car on the west coast, just that maybe you could negotiate more with this dealer and get a better deal.

If you can get a cheaper deal, just take the 7500 and pay off the difference of what you don't spend...right?

My motto is you can always get a better deal :)

But congrats!

posted by  Bronxie

I got the better deal, compared to what was on the market in the area. Locally, a twin to that car was $10,500 for a black one, and $14k for a silver one.

And if I have a check for minimum-$7500 from a bank like Capital One or E-loans, a dealer isn't going to give money back... hehehehe. Hell, I would have given them the full $8500 to get the M Parallels bought and installed at the same time, but they wouldn't go for it. It's already wholesaled off.

posted by  ChrisV

Just what you need. Another chick magnet.

posted by  Bronxie

Good choice. BMW is notorious for designing hideous stock wheels. The cars look good, but the stock wheels are nothing worth discussing. My father has the same type of 7-series and he immediately put a set of 19"/20" Dinan, 5-spoke, chrome wheels.

A nice set of chrome, polished, or even aluminum alloy wheels will definitely brighten that 7 series up. Reminds me of that movie, The Transporter.

posted by  DSMer

Here it is, after Christmas, and I've got the car with me at work. I brought it home over the weekend, after a couple days of driving it around in CT.

First impresions...

Drives like a much smaller car. Responsive, agile (for a big car), and rather quick. V8 rumble non-existent at idle or in normal driving, but healthy roar when getting on it hard. Love that. Supremely comfortable for long distances, whicle still being supportive. Even though it has a lot of miles, the interior is perfect. And it rides and runs like new. I've already put on 350 miles on it, on all kinds of road surfaces, and there's nothing that stands out as being wrong with it. I'm going to go over the normal BMW 7 series trouble areas, but I don't anticipate much of an issue.

I love the lines of this car. Always have. As soon as it stops raining here, I'll get my own pictures of it. In the meantime, I'm just enjoying driving it.

There are a couple of small door dings, but I can live with that. And the front cupholder set doesn't work properly, but that's an easy fix. It was originally from Maine, so it has a lot of sandblasting of the headlight covers. I've got a couple new ones on order from ebay, and got the updated '99-up style trunklid trim for it as the start of the mild customization. The wheels aren't as bad in person, but I still want to get the 18" M Parallels with Vogtland 1.5" drop springs, just to set it off from the stock ones running around.

All in all, another good transaction on Ebay. The dealership was on the up and up, and very easy to work with to get the car ready to be picked up.Now, the only question is how long will I keep it? Unlike a lot of other cars I've had, I plan on keeping it for a number of years, possibly even as long as it takes to pay it off! hehehehe.

posted by  ChrisV

Congrats :)

posted by  Bronxie

When the Z gets to uncomfortable to drive everyday Im gonna get a BMW 8 series. Ive got this thing for BMW V12s. I want to do a some mild upgrades and have an awesome comfortable sleeper.:hi:

posted by  Enthusiast

thats if you could get hold of one,,, not exactly the easiest to get hold of (unless theres an abundance of them across the pond?) but again, the 8 is an awesome car, either with the 4 litre v8 or the 5/5.5 litre v12!
but id take the later ones (production between 1989 and 1998)

posted by  True_Brit

Ive gone and looked at plenty around here they arent to hard to find. The hard part is finding an manual transmission and deciding if I shoudl get a Manual or auto. Id be my daily so an auto would be nice to cruise in but I love drivin manuals and I always said id never go back to an auto unless it was a full out drag car. It will definetly be a 12 not an 8. If I was gonna get an old BMW V8 itd be the older M5.

But I was thinkin about it and I think itd be cool to turbo one. ALot of guys are runnin s/c on stock ones so I could probably fabricate a low boost turbo setup ~6-9psi. The stock fuel system is supposed to be capable of 9psi.
But for now its just dreamin, the Z still awaits it turbo.:banana: :banana:
Haha I got my stock long block and Its awaiting a forged low comp bottem end built for boost. :drool:

I love my projects

posted by  Enthusiast

I think the 8 is the kind of shape that everybody thinks sports cars should look like.....if ya know what I mean?

posted by  Cliffy

wedged? i sort of agree!
they are hard to find in a good condition round here though, but i saw one not so long ago in yellow, with BMW multispoke alloys (great design) makes a change from whats normally seen (dark blue, green)

posted by  True_Brit

Yes, and the pop-up headlights etc. Just like how everybody associates the Lotus Esprit with 'proper' sports cars! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Fresh pics...

posted by  ChrisV

You need to hit that thing with the polisher and get rid of those swirl marks. But it looks good and Im lookin forward to seeing the springs and wheels installed.

I think if the Wood grain was a satin aluminum finish that would be awesome. Im just not a fan of woodgrain.

What size wheels where you gonna use and what tires you gonna run?

posted by  Enthusiast

alot of buttons on the inside too!!! do you know what does what?

posted by  True_Brit

Nice car! If I may be a butthead for just one moment, to bad its not the sport model with the nice sport seats and of course, the M parallels. But good thing you're going for those wheels, because they are one of BMW's best. They also look great on E39's (especially M package 540i's).

I just worked on one today, I hope yours has less problems than this one did (brake fluid sensor faulty, vibrations at highway speeds due to runout on front tires, rear tires cords exposed, 4 wheel brake job long overdue, right side brake light out, due to burnt contacts, requires new tailight unit :doh:, leaks galore)

posted by  Mathew

Like I said, it's getting detailed and zaino'd, but not until spring, The weather is so retarded during the winter that as soon as it was done, it'd get filthy again. I said I'd never get another black car, but I just can't help it, even if they do show everything.

I'm old school and wood accents means luxury car to me. ;)

18x8/18x9.5 M parallels with Khumo Ecstas. Already got a line on them, just have to sell off the old Falcon to get the money.

posted by  ChrisV

I'm not a fan of teh shadowline trim on teh sport models, but I prefer teh short wheelbase. Given, however, teh limitations of budget and distance, I made the call to go with the iL as it was teh right price, right condition and right color combination.

Wow. Someone didn't treat that car right, at all. Mine was obviously well taken care of for it's 140+k miles. It's a two owner car (now three), and not beat on or neglected. It feels like new still.

posted by  ChrisV

Ha a fellow Zaino user. I really dont see them outside the GM F-body and Y-Body community. Its same way down here. I usually wax twice a month with a claybar and polsihing every 6 months, but its been so nasty and cold lately the last layer of wax it got was freakin Meguiars NXT (Im lazy). I know how you feel about the black I would trade my car for red anyday of the week.

Im not a fan of solely luxury cars thats why i dont like woodgrain. I love bein towed around in luxury but I want some sport to go with it. haha. As long as you like it.

What made you decide on the esctas? 712s?

posted by  Enthusiast

Most of them are for the dual climate controls. The others are for the radio and 6 disc changer.

However, I could have sworn that the radio has a larger lcd screen for acoustics or an even larger one for navigation in that generation of 7 series?

posted by  DSMer

Remember, I HAVE a sports car, too. And at 43, I've had my share of race cars over the last 28 years. Plus, you need to drive the BMW, it has it's share of sport...

posted by  ChrisV

Yup. Actually quite easy to navigate, considering you rarley haveo to use most of them.

The cover for the acoustics panel is down in those pics. In the center, you raise the woodgrain cover (just above the radio) up to reveal the panel for the acoustics. That's also where the screen for nav would be had I purchased a car with it, but there aren't that many of them around. That option also wasn't on my "must have" list.

posted by  ChrisV

shhhhhh, dont tell us that:laughing:

posted by  True_Brit

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