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First off, hey everyone, im new to this forum.

I am interested in a VW GTi. My family used to own a '98 VW Bug and the thing had electrical problems out the ying yang. So we sold it. My dad doesnt want to buy another VW vehicle because hes scared that the GTi will have electrical probles like the Bug did. BTW, im talking about the older style of the GTi, like 2002-2004 year range.

So, does anyone own/have experience with the GTi? How has it held up, any problems? And, random question i couldnt find online, do you have any approximate trunk dimensions, L x Wx H?

Thanks for any help

posted by  yanks fan

You little children crack me up. An '02-'04 GTI is not an "older style", they're almost a new car. This is an older style and genuine GTI. You little fellas are so precious. :doh:


Screw your daddy. Man up, get yourself a job, and buy the car that you want. Alternately you can remain a lillte bitch and let Daddy call the shots. I hope he buys you a Kia. I understand they come with tampon holders now. :oops:

posted by  vwhobo

alrite...thanks for the reply.

im sorry, let me rephrase it, not the new model style...the stlye before the new style...and im sorry my parents are willing to buy me a car, im certainly not gonna argue with them about that.

i dont mean to sound like a d!ck cause i know how retarded it is when noobs come on to forums and talk trash to people who know a whole lot more than they do...but can i get real answers to my question?

posted by  yanks fan

aint that sort of rarer than the standard circle headlight version because i have never seen a square light golf!
id say golfs are good cars, apart from the last model, they are seriously heavy for their power, and like Top Gear shown (or any other Car programme you may have) the older ones (and the new one) out runs it by far!!!
my friend has one, its 4 years old now and it hasnt had an electric fault on it (yet)

posted by  True_Brit

I believe the US had square headlamps on their Golfs, the Mk1 version was badged as a 'Rabbit' too I believe.....:thumbs:

The above car does look slightly modified though, but hobo would know for sure I guess! And Yanks fan, why do you have two threads on the same subject?

posted by  Cliffy

i dont know...sorry about that. i honestly made this one first and then thuoght maybe the other area had more traffic. but yea i know and im sorry, wont happen again.

posted by  yanks fan

It's ok I guess, this will probably form its own direction anyway, lol

posted by  Cliffy

must be fun driving that gti in the rain. no wipers or side mirrors. Oh wait, if its raining out you don`t want to be inside a gti.

posted by  talon699

Actually it does have side mirrors, dummy. Look closely.

posted by  Mathew

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