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I've just read that the MG brand is to return to the Midlands, UK, This time they're going to be in Warwickshire though, which is still fairly close to their old plant in Birmingham somewhere (can't think of the name of it now Grrrrr). Obviously it'll be under the name of its new owner, Shangdoda Motor group or whatever they're called, and from what I've read, alot of their previously redundant employees are to be reinstated. By the looks of it it's just the MG name to return rather than the Rover badge, and I'm not sure how long it'll last myself, I mean they'd have to have a consistant loyal following to be able to make it work for the third time round, and I'm not sure they have that kind of following.

I've stuck a poll on this one, just so we can see what you all think! I voted that they should be brought back to life, even though I'm not their biggest fan. We might aswell give them a chance!

posted by  Cliffy

bring back MG (dont bother with rover!):mrgreen: :laughing:
especially the ZT260, but turn it into a 400 or something!!!

posted by  True_Brit

It should be brought back, because as you say, there are like no more British cars...Then again, I'm not really familiar with Rover or MG lol.

posted by  chris_knows

Bring back the British roadsters!!!!

posted by  Bronxie


posted by  dvdrose18

Cliffy, rovers old factory was located at Longbridge!
Shangdoda (or whoever they are) may bring the Rover 75 back, but under a different name, the Roewe 750E
Roewe 750E pic (
Rover 75 (

posted by  True_Brit

Oh yes, Longbridge, that's the one, lol. I'm skeptical about 'Rover' coming back with a different name.....I'm not too sure about MG, but atleast they'll keep the name...I guess?

posted by  Cliffy

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