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I heard on the news yesterday that some unlucky soul wrote off their Veyron....I looked for the news story online today, aswell as for pictures, but couldn't find any. It happened here in the UK, in my neck of the woods, too (Surrey). I assume it had to be somebody famous to be driving a Bugatti Veyron in the first place! :laughing: If anybody has any news, feel free to post it here!

posted by  Cliffy

write off? Like taxes or is that some weird British word :hi:

posted by  Voda48

LOL, I assumed it was an international term. It basically means that you crash your car and it would be unecconomical to repair it. In the Veyron's case it would have to be completely mangled and unrepairable as anybody in their right mind would be willing to pay thousands to get it back on the road!

posted by  Cliffy

Crashed Veyron in The Sun Online,,2-2007100574,00.html

Edit - More pictures here: 3.html

posted by  KNTRDR

Thanx for that!

I always thought Bugatti was Italian?.....:laughing: :ohcrap: :doh:

posted by  Cliffy

So did I. Perhaps a slip of the keyboard on their part?

posted by  KNTRDR

Yes, me thinks too. I checked to make sure I wasn't going mad, too, lol.

posted by  Cliffy

Considering that, at least from what I heard, those cars are hand built, I find it hard to believe they'd use an engine not their own.

posted by  KNTRDR

I'm not familiar with the engine it has...probably VW sorced though, lol. I just read the remainder of the article. It happened in Chertsey....very close to where I used to work. Atleast the Traffic Police didn't have far to travel, as there's station just round the corner, lol.

*moves thread....cant think why I'd post in wrong place in the first place* :doh:

posted by  Cliffy

Where would you get parts for that thing? Mechanical parts likely did come from a large manufacturer's parts bin, but I doubt that anybody is making things like quarter panels and hoods. That's my guess as to the reason it was totalled, as it doesn't look THAT bad to me.

Also, the only time I've ever heard the term "write off" when talking about cars is writing one off on taxes as a business expense.

posted by  giant016

I guess Bugatti would be able to ship parts over, as they must have them. As for the term 'write-off' it must be a Brit thing as far as damage to vehicles goes...I think you guys prefer the term "totalled" :laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

You aren't crazy Cliffy, I've heard the term 'write-off' many times when talking about wrecked cars.. :mrgreen:

posted by  car_crazy89

I've heard the term "written-off" substituted for "totalled" too, maybe it's a British/Canadian thing? :laughing:

That would be terrible; crashing a $1.3 million car! lol.

posted by  chris_knows

So it's a commonwealth thing?...I bet CF's Aussies have heard of the term, too :laughing: . I'm glad i'm not crazy, lol.

posted by  Cliffy

I'm pretty sure Bugatti is French.

This is so sad. If my brother crashed my $1.3 million car I would kill him... but I don't have a brother, so...

EDIT: According to Wikipedia, it is "Italian-French." WTF? Lol

posted by  StiMan

If you're gonna total an exotic sports car, it should be in spectacular fashion, like that Ferrari that split in half and was mangled in LA. I wonder how much it will go for when the insurance company throws it in with the other totalled cars to be sold at auction?

posted by  oplease19

Apparently Bugatti is French....I just viewed their official website and it says that they are from
Molsheim (France)....I don't know why, but I've always thought they were Italian...maybe it's the name? I personally try not to pay much attention to Wikipedia, as it can be edited etc by I've heard! :laughing: :ohcrap:

posted by  Cliffy

Actually nobody insures Bughatis and this particular one was rented for 1/40th it's list price (38k), to a random person by a rental car company in the UK.

The car was being driven in the rain at a somwhat resonable speed for a Bughati, but it was in the RAIN, which I'm not sure you can even drive that car in.

posted by  DannyDarko


That was sooo preproduction...and an exaggeration by some journalist.

posted by  What

apparently (as ive heard) they are french but mr Bugatti himself was italian living in france!
but Bugatti themselves died away just after WW2, the rights were bought by a swiss man or something, then sold to VW (or something along that line!!!)

posted by  True_Brit

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