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...is there anything specific I should look for? I've heard transmission repairs are pretty costly (due to its location in the car), but I don't know much more about that. Is there anything I should repair or replace (if not done by the seller) instantly upon buying one?

And one more quick question, what types of 928's and 968's are there? Is there a turbo version, or one with a bigger engine (I'm not sure, but I think there's a 4.8L and a 5.3L or something like that)?

posted by  magus57

it was the fastest production car in 1986 (170mph in an S4 recorded at bonneville salt flats) and porsches slogan for it at the time was "It is as fast as you can go without hiring a flight attendant"
the engine range was 4.5litre V8, 4.7, 5.0 to 5.2v8, if its an american market porsche, the base 4.7 isnt as powerful as the euro ones (219hp in the us, 237hp in europe) andd features a dog leg man trans or a mercedes derived 3speed auto (4 after 1983). North American spec 1983 and 1984 S models used, among other differences, milder camshafts and additional emissions regulation equipment, and were limited to 239 hp (174 kW/242 PS) as a result whereas European versions debuted with 300 PS (221 kW/297 hp), and were upgraded to 310 PS (228 kW/306 hp) for the 1984 model year.
its amazing what you can get out of old books (ive got one about cars of the world, printed in 1990!)

posted by  True_Brit

Wow, this car sounds pretty powerful; I didn't think the V8 actually got real power out of the car (like some older American cars with large engines in comparison to some Japanese cars with smaller engines).

And one more thing, I was looking at the prices of these cars, and can safely say I can find plenty under $5000 (the most I can spend at once); however, there's one issue. For about the same amount of money, I can either get pre-1985 manual version, or a post-1984 automatic version (it's hard to find newer models with manuals that aren't really expensive). And here are the specs of a pre-1985 (manual) vs a post-1984 (automatic):

Engine displacement: 4.5 or 4.7 L
Valves: 16
Power: 219, 220, or 239 hp


Engine displacement: 5.0 or 5.4 L
Valves: 32
Power: 288, 316, or 345 hp

So is the upgrade on the newer automatic worth it over the manual version?

posted by  magus57

The reason for the power disparity is that in '85, the cars got that 32 valve DOHC V8, and both the manual and automatic versions were much better cars. In '87, the S4 version (Series 4) was introduced. If you can find one of them for under $10k in good shape, that's the way I would go. Very fast cars, and actually quite reliable.

The manuals aren't usually more expensive than the automatics, but they were much rarer, as the 928 was considered as much a luxury car as a sports GT.

posted by  ChrisV

So would you say any 1985 (or above) Porsche could outperform an unmodified 1998 Honda Civic (manual)?

posted by  magus57

id say yes to that!!!:wink2:

posted by  True_Brit

Without a doubt.

posted by  ChrisV

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