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Alright I have been looking at GTI's lately because they are just so easy to make fast. The I realised that the A4 is really just the same thins except more luxorious and AWD which might help during winters a bit but I have a Jeep if it gets that bad. I know the A4 starts life with like 10 hp less than the dub and about 500 more pounds to but it also has a lot of class. Now after I do all the tuning I want to do both the GTI and the A4 would have nearly the same power (hopefully 225-250 hp after I can handle it stock). The 500 or so pounds would be the only thing holding back the A4.

As far as looks I can't decide between the 2 myself. A lot of people have A4's so mine wouldn't stand out much but most of my friends seem to consider the A4 better looking.

So what do you think would be the better choice? This is my first car if that means anything.

posted by  Ferny

What year GTI/A4 are we talking about? I think both cars are great. The A4 would be more flexible because of the extra doors and probably a larger trunk. Although, you can get a four-door GTI also. A4's, base ones, do not come with Quattro (4-wheel-drive). Also, you can get a bigger, optional V6 in the A4 that would make more power than the GTI's 2.0T. In my opinion, the GTI looks better than the current A4 and I see far fewer of them. If I were in your shoes, I would get a GTI. You can get packages that would make the interior just as nice, if not as nice, as the Audi's interior.

posted by  StiMan

I'm sorry about not being descriptive at all. I'm talking about a 2001 B5 A4 and 2002ish mk.4 GTI. Both probably with the 1.8T but the V6 is still in my head a bit. For my purposes the GTI has more storage space because of it's fold down seats. Powerwise, for both the V6 and 1.8T the GTI is faster by 10 hp. I looked at the weight again and the A4 is only like 100 pounds heavier not 500.

posted by  Ferny

my friend has a 99 2.8 Quatro A4 and i love that car. (it's supercharged) I feel like its smooth, and i like th fact that it has four doors. The interior also feels luxurious. I have another friend with a 2001 golf and i hate his car. It feel really cheap inside and just overall i dont like how it looks... test drive both and see what u like.

posted by  V-Tec

Can't really offer any personal experiences witht the aforementioned cars, but 500 lbs is a lot to overcome. It'll hurt MPG, acceleration, handling, etc.

It might be a little over your price range, but have you considerd the VW R32?

posted by  giant016

my friend was in the same situation between a GTI and A4. He ended up getting neither but he mainly didn't get the Audi because everyone he knows that has had an audi, mostly A4's, said they are more expensive to fix than a VW and it broke down more too. and plus Vw is just better than Audi simply because its VW. but thats jsut my opinion

posted by  hardwhite

They're the same company. Both cars are going to be expensive to fix and fairly unreliable. Audis and VWs have the worst reliablity, on average, of German cars (VW's slightly worse than Audi's).

posted by  StiMan

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