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Not sure how to take this one, looks like a great car on the surface, but I can't help but think it's too much like the A4, albeit in coupé style. A range of engines will be offered, with the flagship being the V8 FSI unit that's used accross the range in other 'S' models. Here's ( the pics. Opinions?

posted by  Cliffy

Man do the Audi's look nice! One of the cars I really want to drive is the RS4 or one of the S series or any Audi for that matter. And then there's the new mid-mounted engine R8 damn does that think look sweet. I'm checking out the S5 coupe right now on the main sight. Its the latest S model right? If you test drive one let me know, probably drives really nice.

Hmm I think the S5's comes out this fall. And as far as reliability, I'm a little curious myself. I'll check consumer reports on that since I don't personally know anyone who's fortunate enough to own one of the S series yet alone an Audi. I'm not sure if there are any reliablity ratings for the newer Audi's at least nothing very accurate since the S-series hasnt been around for long but maybe.

posted by  JORD88

I would like to drive a RS4,too

posted by  Sorayna

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