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unfortunately, my dad knows that i'm quite addicted to online forums, so he's been bugging me for weeks now to help him out. he was driving home from a wedding last weekend, when he fell asleep for a bit at the wheel and drove straight into the car in front of him. he wasn't hurt, but his mercedes s550 sedan took a beating, especially the bumper and the headlights. :doh:

can anyone tell me where to get an (reasonably) affordable mercedes bumper, and also some mercedes benz spare parts? :heh: help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

posted by  kelliot

As you're so addicted to online forums you'll no doubt be aware that most of them have strict policies on free advertising. is no exception. I have deleted all the links in the threads you've posted in, as well as the link in your signature field. Please take the time to read the rules as you'll only be warned ONCE!

Oh, and welcome to CF.

Edit: I misstook this for your intro thread, appologies as I deleted your real intro by mistake. Feel free to start another one if you intend to stick around!

posted by  Cliffy

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