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Anyone know where I can get a pair of used BMW Front seats for a 3 series?

Leather/ Grey or Black

Ill take the backseats too if anyone has them

posted by  North East Customs

Where in the world are you? if you're in the UK there're a good couple of places, just do a quick search on google :-) I got a rear bench from (not sure if that's the correct URL) about 60 quid I think.

posted by  kilted_BMW_nut

get vaders!!!!!! look for used e36 m3 seats. as long as they came off of an e36 that isnt a convertable or a lux modle they will have vaders. search junk yards post wanted adds. alot of people who race change out the seats. so there are some out there for sale. look hard and once again GET VADERS!!!!! here is a pic of what they look like.

posted by  DTMBaller

another pic

posted by  DTMBaller


posted by  DTMBaller

last one

posted by  DTMBaller

DTMBaller, after typing in an attachment filename you can just click on the bar at the side of the box for file comments that says, "Add Attachment". That clears the box for the filename so that you can add more attachments in the same post.

posted by  snoopewite

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