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I am about to buy a new car. Actually I am in love with the 159 Alfa Romeo.
After a test drive of 1.9 JTD I am looking forward spending as much time as possible every day on that beautiful leather drivers seat.

I have read as many articles as i could online about the 159. I have asked as many friends to tell me . Every one is sure it will be every other day in the mechanic's garage.

Thought i have not read a particular problems of the car yet(exept problematic position of cruise control button).

I like Italian art but every one shouts German technology.

Should i go Italian or German? What do you think? Do you Know any problems of 159 model?

posted by  petrakis

I have driven the 2.4-litre JTD version of that car and it went like a rocket ship. Especially for a diesel! It wouldn't be my first choice of car, and the air vents for the heating/AC are in the wrong place to work effectively I found. Nice car if it's what you're looking for though. Very stylish too!

posted by  Cliffy

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