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Yes...I'm nearing the end of my junior year of high school and am looking forward to college and law school. The car I have now is a Manual 1984 dodge rampage in nice working condition, but the transmission sucks on it and the body is absolutely horrid to look at, but hey, it's a car ehh?

Well, before I go off to college I will be looking for a different car, one that if newer (than the current dodge) and will be able to last me a good 10 years, or as long as possible, since that's how long it'll be until I'm out of all my schooling and in a solid firm in Minneapolis :laughing:

ANYWAYS, I'm seriously looking at a German built car, and the ones I have in mind are from VW and Audi, and I'm leaning more towards Audi more and more every week I look at cars. It probably won't be another year until I buy, but I need help and, more importantly, suggestions.

My limit is $4 grand and not a cent over. I live in Minnesota near the twin cities. I need a sedan, but not something so family oriented...more mid-sized. I am interested in anything year 1991 up. My top choice right now is a 1993 Audi CS 2.8 with cold weather package. The most important thing for me is that it has to be automatic because the current car I have now is a manual and I would much rather have a quieter, smoother automatic.

The reason I chose the 1993 Audi CS is because I've heard Audi it pretty bullet proof, among other things, and also the CS has many more features over the S type. I am only looking at leather, but I don't need a car that is incredibly decked out. Basically the specs on the Audi CS are perfect for me a suit me perfectly.

Any suggestions would be very welcome indeed. Remember, though, I am, at the moment, only 17 years old and I will be buying this car when I'm 18 for all my post graduate education, and will therefore need it to be reliable, above all things. Please post your feedback, I need terribly bad. I need people's opinions and just anything really.

Thanks for your time,

posted by  aRed

Hi, $4000 should buy you a reasonable German car, so as far as reliability goes, you should be fine with what ever you chose. I'm not familiar with the Audi CS so I'm assuming it's a German and US only car?...or am I just being silly? lol. You said you want a mid sized car so something about the size of a Vento/Jetta should be fine, right? German cars generally hold their value very well so you wont be able to afford a very late car, however, a 1995/6 1.8 Volkswagen Jetta shouldn't set you back more than your $4000 budget, will almost certainly be reliable, insurance friendly, and should have a reasonably low milage too :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

I took the time today to take a look at the 1996 Jetta GL. It looks like it would be perfect for me, and for a fair price! Thanks so much for the advice Cliffy. No leather in it, but I can (obviously) go without that. However, I really do want one with an automatic, and it looks like a lot of them are manuals, which I will not do. So I guess that I'm now looking at a 1995/1996 WV Jetta GL or GLS, but preferably the GL...I think.

The reason is because I've heard outstanding things about each, however, even though I really do like all the features of the GLS, all the reviews I read say that something always goes wrong with them (things that aren't on the Gl, that is, and things that I don't need), which really sucks to hear. Also, the fact of insurance price is a concern which I seem to have forgotten to mention. This drives me away from the Audi's (unfortunately) because there are sure to cost me more insurance wise. By the way, all the Jetta's of that era, except that of the GLX, are 2.0L 4Cyl. which means great gas mileage for me.

I have one big question though, and an interesting one at that. You know how every few years car companies come out with totally different designs for their vehicles? For example, what dodge has done with the Durango recently and how the Dodge Caravan changed so drastically from the 1990's. Well, that's going to happen again in 2005, but with pretty much every car company, or so I hear and see. The concept cars of '04 are the next generation cars for next year, or so it seems. They are totally different. Anyhow, I'm buying in '05, so I know the car I'm looking at now will go down in price a bit...they have to; they'll be a year older than they are right now, despite their German background. But what's interesting (for me) is that these next generation of vehicles are coming out when I will buy. So, finally, my question: Will the price of my car I buy be even cheaper since all these new cars will be making an appearance at the same time I buy mine, making my car look older (and what do I care?)? Everyone will go for these hot new (and interestingly enough, cheap, or cheaper) cars, so I figure the market for the older cars will go down drastically, giving me, the 17 year old student (or, rather, 18 when I buy), a huge buying advantage.

You follow me? Well, whether you do or don't, sorry if I took too much of your time, but this is all very interesting for me.

Again, thanks for the input Cliffy!
Still very open to suggestions people!

posted by  aRed

Yes it will, my dad has a Saab 900 convertible and when the new 2004 93 came out it lost quite a bit of value

posted by  Car Nirvana

way to write a ****ing essay!

(shit are you allowed to swear on this forum?)
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posted by  SuperTad

nevermind, it ****ing bleeped me! :smoke:

posted by  SuperTad

Just because it 'bleeped' you doesn't mean it's allowed :banghead:

Anyway, you're welcome Andrew, as for your question regarding depreciation, Car Navana summed it up nicely, however, due to the Jetta being a '95 model..I wouldn't worry about depreciation as it's lost most of it's resale value anyway. Also, as you're buying and not selling, that's even more reason not to care about it. Good luck :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Could someone help me out here. Is this a micro mini cooper or what? I like, very much.

posted by  lectroid

You're refering to ST's sig?.....yes, it's a Mini, not sure if it's a Cooper though :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Messed up the last post :oops: This little car, of which I speak :doh:

I seem to be having a problem deleting my post :doh:

posted by  lectroid

How did you mess it up?...and deleting can only be done by a Mod or admin these days...what did u want deleted? or am I just being a dumb a££ again? :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

I think you can only delete it while no one has posted after it...otherwise it stays. You can edit out all the text...

posted by  BavarianWheels

I've been looking around at VW's and if you want to get one I woudl highly suggest a manual, because I have talked with many VW mechanics and they say that the auto transmissions don't last too long and it will cost you about $4000 for a new one. but the manuals will go forever.

posted by  Jason

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