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Ok guys, in your opinion, what is the best European Diesel engine currently available. I'm posting a poll with this thread because the modern diesel engine varies so widely from car to car. As much as I hate to admit it, Alfa Romeo's 2.4JTD engine is the most refined I've ever known. I drove my bosses 166 estate with this engine in and It's certainly the quickest diesel I've been in. the torque pushes you back in your seat! The only down side is the Torque steer this car produces (I wont get into that now though lol). If I had to list the most reliable it would have to be the 1.9TDi in most Audi/VW group cars. But, for all round capability and purely due to how this manufaturers engines have progressed over the years, I'm going to say that Peugeot/Citroen make the best all round Diesel engines, I mean, most Peugeot or Citroen cars offer a petrol varient as an option these days lol. So, it's the 2.2HDi engine that gets my vote!

posted by  Cliffy

The only one here is the VW gets my vote then...

posted by  StiMan

Under my FIAT_4_EVER fan rol I'll say 1.9 JTD 115 hp from Fiat/Alfa/Lancia :P

VW's 1.9 TDI engines are good engines. I've heard from experts that 1.9 TDI engines in 90 and 110 hp versions were the best direct injection diesel engines ever, but now there are some reliability problems specially with 1.9 TDI 150 hp versions. Ok, it's not my words; it's something I heard.

posted by  karburator

Oh! Sorry! I didn't see the poll.
Then it'll be 2.4 JTD

Cliffy - You made a mistake. Renault's 2.2 DTI is no longer sold. Now it is 2.2 DCI and both engines are different from Opel/Vauxhall's 2.2 DTI. Also note that Opel diesel engines are Isuzu made except new 1.9 cdti in Vectra and 1.3 cdti in Corsa, that are from Fiat.

posted by  karburator

Oops, so I did lol...I actually got muddled up, I meant the 'DCi' for the Renault, and I'm aware that Vauxhall no longer use the 'DTi', and that it was actually Nissan that shared that engine with Renault and not Vauxhall, do Nissan use the DCi too? I'll edit the poll, thanx for kicking me into shape's because I'm doing it off the top of my head ya see :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Ya....umm...I know what yall are talking about...ummm...ya....right...

posted by  StiMan

LOL....Diesel aint that big in the US, right?....isn't diesel prohibited in some states? :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

I dont think that it is prohibited, but it is really only in big trucks...there are very few diesel sedans...

posted by  StiMan

Nissan uses DCI technology and shares some engines with Renault, but not every nissan DCI engine is made by Renault.

Nissan usa tecnología DCI y comparte algunos motores con Renault, pero no todos los motores DCI de Nissan están hechos por Renault

posted by  karburator

In Europe it's a plague :badrazz:
In Spain more than 50% of new cars are diesel. Having a diesel became a trend 5 or 6 years ago because their low fuel consumption and good performances. Some sporty models are sold with diesel engine :banghead:

Now everyone having a diesel with more than 100 hp thinks that has a super-sporty car. :doh:

En Europa es una peste:badrazz:
En España más del 50% de los coches nuevos son diesel. Tener un diesel se convirtió en una moda hace 5 o 6 años debido a su bajo consumo de carburante y sus buenas prestaciones. Algunos modelos deportivos se venden con motor diesel :banghead:

Ahora cualquiera que tenga un diesel con más de 100 cv piensa que tiene un coche super deportivo. :doh:

posted by  karburator

That is crazy!

posted by  StiMan

Also, as diesel cars no longer have the reputation for being slow and smelly, for example, BMW's 330 diesel will cover the 0-62 sprint in just 7 seconds!

posted by  Cliffy

I'm going with the VW/AUDI TDI engine. Its also quite fast. One Bora (Jetta in the US) model in Europe diesel, has a top speed of 210km/h. So the VW/AUDI TDI engines have speed and great reliability. It gets my vote.

posted by  vwmaniac

7 seconds isnt really that good, but I guess for a diesel it is...

posted by  StiMan

What're you talking about STiMan?! 7 seconds is bad to you?

posted by  vwmaniac

Well... for the kinda cars I like yes... yes it is... my Camry does it in 7 seconds as well and it is a family car that is completly stock and is 5 years old!
Dont believe me?
99 Camry CE Stats:
1997 Camry (Same model 5 year area):
0-60 7
0-100 20.3
1/4 Mile: 90 mph @ 15.5
133 Hp.
147 lb. ft.
2.2 L Inline 4
23/31 mpg.
2,976 lbs. (Curb Wieght)
Totally Stock!

posted by  StiMan

I think they point is that with emmisions based tax and high fuel prices, (the new PSA ford 1.4 diesel 92bhp does 75mpg) I think you have to admid that when was the last time you went round a series of corners or roundabout in the usa? Any guys from europe driving a yank tank in europe and they wont apricate the over light PAS, auto box, lack of hatchbacks, soggy braking and suspensions, and more under or over stear FWD/RWD than the shopping trolley they use in there local supermarket.

Other thing you might like to try is pitching a BMW 330 diesil against the equiverlent petrol on a 1/4 mile uphill. could give some very interesting results.

posted by  cinqyg

You said it backwards...

1/4 Mile: 15.5 @ 90MPH

:laughing: :laughing:

posted by  DodgeRida67

Sorry... that was how they put it on the site I got those stats...

posted by  StiMan

The best diesel engines in the world are made by FIAT no question!!! I speak from experience

posted by  phil w

Wrong the best is the FIAT JTD

posted by  phil w

The only one in the US from those groups are those from VW/ Audi. New that is.

posted by  StiMan

well being an american he only dirves in stright lines and therefore doesnt worry about handeling, so big engine + any POS car = quick.

posted by  cinqyg

Ya, sure thats it. :thumbs: :banghead:

posted by  StiMan

The Fiat JTD and the Alfa Romeo JTD should be the same, since Alfa is owned by Fiat. I´m not sure though if Fiat even offers the 2.4 in their cars. Peugeot and Citroen diesels have a very good reputation over here in germany, but my dad´s 1.9 HDI ( or something like that ) with 90 hp is fairly slow.
I would say that the VW / Audi / Skoda / Seat TDI engine is definately the best, even though the 1.9 is known to have some serious problems with the airmass regulator
The stuff stated above is my personal opinion, but I hope I was of some help

posted by  Fahrvergnuegen

LOL...Thread revival, dont ya just love it :hi: .While I agree to an extent, I wouldn't say that FIAT make the best diesels in the world, I would however say that they are certainly one of the quickest Diesels! or the 2.4litre is anyway, I once drove my boss's Alfa 2.4JTD and it's the quickest I've driven so far!

posted by  Cliffy

i would say teh Mercedes-benz 320CDI or w/e you cant go wrong with a benz... :hi:

posted by  stinky2099

NO way is that even close to being true... My friend has an SVT focus stock It runs a 15.7. My dad owns the exact same model of camry you listed...Guess what the focus spanks the camry, rubs the camrys face into the ground and then bangs its mother.

How the hell would that happen if the camry is supposed to be .2 seconds faster?

Where did you get that info?

posted by  Zalight

I already know the site must be screwed up. I know my Camry is fast, but no 0-60 in 7 secs fast. At the time I posted that I hadnt driven it that much and so I believed it but now, I dont think so. It doesnt surprise me that a tweaked Focus could beat it, it is quick but not increadibly so. :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

The best diesel imo is the Honda Accord 2.2 CTDi because it is very supple and very reliable.

posted by  Amsterdam

yep, VW's 1.9TDI, of course in a Skoda Fabia RS, 130ps/310Nm.

posted by  Furby_vRS

Actually, here in Seattle Diesel is pretty huge. Being as VW and Audi are like the only midsize cars you can get in diesel here, tons of people drive them. Also, biodiesel is pretty popular now, even the city buses have recently converted to it. To buy gas these days, diesel is more expensive then supreme gas. Crazy! :banghead:

posted by  VWg60CabbyGrrl

I guess it varies from stae-state then?

I have a friend in Philly and as far as I remember, appart from Trucks, VW is the only mass car maker to produce diesel :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Yup, same here. I dont know a Audi diesel here. :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

I personally think that the best diesel in Europe is the BMW 535d which has 0 Turbo lag. The only thing is in doing that BMW have attched a Auto 'box to it and no sitckshift option :banghead:

posted by  Ferrari_fan99


w126 mercedes

like my dads 300sd from 1983

curb weight over 4000 lbs and still manages 37 to the gallon, and if you change the injection timings and the turbo timing you can easily get 40

the late 80s - mid 90s 190d ("baby benz") sip diesel also

posted by  325iSe30

In my opinion the best european turbodisel are new 2.4 JTD with multijet tehnology. (200hp 310NM tourqe) They are silent, calm and have the best fuel economy. I am also looking forward to see the development and advencements in VAG 2.0 tdi. As for the large engines V10 TDI from vw is curently definitly alpha and omega of turbodisel tehnology.

posted by  MultiJet

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