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im new to the forum, but just had a quick question and wanted some help.

I currently have a 1004 chevy cavalier but am looking at a 2000 audi a4. i was wondering if a4 are good, ive heard mixed things. also what is the positive and negative shifting next to drive and hows that work?

would the trade be worth it, or no??

thanks guys

posted by  southpoleman69

i'd think trading up to a car that's 996 years newer would be worth it... :wink2:

posted by  dodger65

depends, how many miles are on the A4 and how many are on the Cavalier?

the audi is a manu-matic, google it and it'll answer your other question.

posted by  99integra

Essentially, video game shifter.

posted by  jedimario

no, video game shifters are better :thumbs:

posted by  99integra

AUDI is not a bad car, but youll be using more gas than the cavalier, and parts/service will be plenty more expensive. if you are on a budget, then stick with the cavvy. cavvy is a good, reliable car

posted by  bullrage2003

It depends what you want from a car. The cavalier will be better on gas, cheaper to maintain and probbably insure, and most likely more reliable. The A4 will be more comfrotable, prestigious, but will cost more to maintain and repair (and Audis typically break more than Cavaliers), and will cost more to fuel

The + and - near the shifter are called Tiptronic, its a Manual-matic mode in the transmission where you can tell it at what RPM to shift by moving the shifter towards + (upshift) or - (downshift). On most Audis, I find this more painfully laggy as it takes the car a second or so to process your input, doesnt seem like much but its annoying as hell.

posted by  newyorker

I always felt that the manu-matic was for people that wanted to drive a manual but don't have the coordination or skill to use a clutch, or for people that want the convenience of an automatic for their everyday commute, but the option of a manual when they want to have some fun on the weekend.

Back to the original question. you basically have to weigh the pros and cons of each car. Obviously you would be trading to an older car, likely with more miles. Also, the Audi, being somewhat of a performance car, has a high probability that it was driven hard, if not beat to death. You have had the cavalier, and you know how you drive it and you know how you maintain it, so you know where it has been, but with the Audi, you may be opening a can of worms. Now if you are looking for performance on a budget, the Audi will outperform the Chevy, but at a cost. probably, since you are looking at an older car, the budget is an issue for you, so you will have to worry about higher maintenance and repair costs. Over all, if you are on a budget, I would stick with the Chevy, but if you have some extra cash that you are willing to spend on the car and you want a little more pep from your ride, then go for the Audi.
Keep in mind, every time you trade in a car you are loosing money.:2cents:

posted by  dvdrose18

Once again it's all on miles and how the cars were cared for. From what I've seen although the maintenance on the audi is more expensive the longevity makes up for it. And of course, I would drive an A4 any day of the week but I really hate cavaqueers. I've had a few friends who've have the older 3.1s and 2.8s but of course they all blew up. And my brother (who I wouldn't trust to change my oil) has had a 97 A4 for a couple years now as a winter beater from his M3 has had no problems at all.
As for the Auto-standards.... I've only ever driven an eclipse with one and didn't see the big deal. I can do the same shifts with my truck on the column. Go with a clutch if you want to shift gears. Much more fun.

posted by  DBain

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