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I found a 1999 VW Golf GTI VR6 in a magazine-should I buy it?
It's got a 5 spd, lowered suspension, all power options, leather, 280 hp, for $10 grand (Canadian $). Is it worth my money?

posted by  nitehawk_87

It's always nice to use the intro section before asking a question, people will be more inclined to help you out if you do :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

you are a stiker cliffy

posted by  cinqyg

when converted to USD, thats seems dirt cheap. if its in good condition, by all means, take it. take it to a trusted mechanic, drive on freeway, do all the usual tests, etc.
EDIT: i checked ( 48&year=1999&modelid=1254) and it says there is no gti vr6 in '99 in US, so i dunno.

posted by  importluva

Sorry its a 1998
And I'm from Canada
Its for sale from a good dealership and comes with a 3 year warranty

posted by  nitehawk_87


posted by  Benard

too bad im too young to own a car
by the way is 280 hp stock for the vr6 version
or is this car modified

posted by  nitehawk_87

That is a modded version, check out importluva's link...stock bhp for the 2.8litre VR6 is 174bhp :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

go for it! :thumbs:

posted by  SuperJew

schweet :thumbs:
what kind of numbers do you think it would run??

posted by  nitehawk_87

Unless you have the highline version.. Then it's 193.. Yeah, i was gonna say if it was a '99 car then it would be a V6 golf, not a VR6. They are the same engine but the V6 is a 24V, has 204 bhp stock and will only be in the MK4 version.. Oh and YES, BUY IT!!!

posted by  R34RB30DETTV

BUY IT!!! $10k for a great sounding car is... great!

posted by  StiMan

I had experience with such a baby. 98 VR6 golf. Oooooh man, this thing is a dream! GO FOR IT!

posted by  vwmaniac

Well builty, fine handeling vehicels; your talking about the performance model, even better! :thumbs: How much do they say those put out?

I think that's a good/fair deal, and they are nice cars, rare to (at least where I'm at). Maintence can be a tad more costly, but just may be worth it.

posted by  cwzilly

Back when I had my 98 VR6, the baby took out around 215km/h baby! :mrgreen:

posted by  vwmaniac

sounds like a great deal. Buy it :thumbs:

posted by  archangle

I think if he was going to buy it, he would have had to of by now...otherwise it would be long gone! :clap:

posted by  Cliffy

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