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Here are a few images from the last Miami event in January.

posted by  m3dragon

Lol, see the Testarossas and M3s and then just some random VW :screwy:

Nice pics tho

posted by  chris_knows

The silver Vdub is probably a turbo edition Jetta, the green one probably a motor swap...Or atleast turbod. Look at Newyorker's pics of the turkey run. Lots of major exotics and some random everyday style cars.

posted by  Satty101

Here are the images from the last EuroSunday Miami event.

*******Please note that the location for the next event is changing to the Miramar location for the next few month:********

LOCATION - 2945 SW 160th Ave Miramar, FL 33027

We still need help with Photogrophy and getting the word out to the local Euro car / bike clubs and owners. If you wish to help please email or the crew in Miami.

==========================================================================< br /> i-009.jpg i-012.jpg i-024.jpg i-004.jpg

posted by  m3dragon

Excellent images, absolutely loved them every bit of it and thanks for your efforts and time spent to share the pictures for us, looking forward to see more from you.

posted by  rinky9888

I hate miami. Overrated if you live in Florida :2cents:, some people like the big crowded crime infested streets lol.

posted by  99integra

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