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Here are 4 images form the Fresno event on super bowl Sunday. It was a great showing including a new S-Line Audi that was lowered and on HRE's and a ACR viper the showed and went on the drive.

If you wish to see more images please see the Fresno city page. g g g g

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The Ducati is very cool! :thumbs:

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Images from the Monthly Marques event for Porsche, Mercedes and Smart. There was a great selection of the cars and the images posted here is just the tip of the iceberg. Noted cars are both generations of the Lamborghini Diablo, Ferrari's, Bentley, Aston Martin, Porsche, Mercedes, Mini, and Ducati to Aprilia. If you wish to see all the cars see the Sacramento images section. SC_0183.JPG 76DSC_6955.JPG 22MMQ_0446.JPG 02DSC_6888.JPG 15DSC_6944.JPG 05DSC_6939.JPG 21DSC_6949.JPG 23MMQ_0456.JPG

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Here are a few images from the latest event in Sacramento. Despite heavy rain there were 35 cars and even 2 bikes in attendance. Please see all the "wet images" on the Sacramento site. 008.jpg 032.jpg 064.jpg 045.jpg

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Here are some of the images from the Fresno event for March.

There are more images on the Fresno website and more to be uploaded soon.

*** A note that for May and June the location will be moving.*** 69.JPG 13.JPG 30.JPG 95.JPG 82.JPG 85.JPG

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328 :)

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British cars C_0086.jpg C_0087.jpg C_0095.jpg G_2754.JPG G_2760.JPG G_2757.JPG PG PG

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