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hi there im starting a project on my cavalier, well i want to and i was just wandering,
i have a vauxhall cavalier 1.8i 1995 SOHC,
would i be able to convert this to a DOHC or cant it be done and is it worth doing?
also im trying to think of engine modifications i could do to increase top speed, acceleration and BHP, any ideas would be a big help,
also i think if i do convert to a DOHC what would be the best racing type cams to put in? o was thinking of something from KENT CAMS but dont really know much about modding as i am only 17 atm

posted by  shox1991

I do not think this is worth the hassle.

It would probably just be easier to just buy a Cavlier that already has the motor you want. At a minimum you would have to also swap out the computer and you may even need swap out the wiring harness or do a lot of modifications to the existing wiring.

posted by  corbett_auto

It can be done quite easily, as DOHC engines were fitted to some Cavaliers as standard. However, as Corbett says, it's easier to just buy a DOHC model for a few hundred quid. I sense you want it as a project though, so buying another car would defeat tyhe object really, lol.

posted by  Cliffy

No, I don't think, this is worth doing. It is waste of type as well as money also.

posted by  samabhi124

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