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Looking through my bible and stumbled across this, a design drawn by a former GM man for the BMW M10! Doubt it'll ever make production, but it sure does look the part!

Edit: BMW in the thread title should have been in upper-case....How strange, lol. oto_313738_25.jpg

posted by  Cliffy

If BMW doesn't scrap this car, it's gonna look a lot different before hitting production.

Side note, if all the letters in your thread title are capitalized, it only capitalizes the first letter of each word.

posted by  chris_knows

I think it's a bit over-the-top for BMW. I doubt it'll see production.

posted by  Satty101

I've noticed that before...Must be a bug of some sort, lol.

posted by  Cliffy

Probably to prevent caps lock spammers and trolls and stuff.

posted by  Satty101

I don't know...This Forum is quite old technologically in comparison to other Forums with active UFF types, lol.

posted by  Cliffy

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