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Hello everyone!

Where on internet can i find (free) user manual (removing - refitting cylinder head) for citroen xsara (XUD9 engine)

and is there possibility to check whether my engine has factory defect

here are all details

engine number

chassis number

Thanx in advance,

posted by  Komita

buy a haynes there £12.99 and if you say its not worth it you truely are a fool it will give you all the info needed and costs bout 15mins at the dealership to pay for itself

posted by  cinqyg

I'm assuming you've worked on cars before?...because that job aint an ameuter's all, especially on a Diesel!

posted by  Cliffy

Well i'm amateur for cars, after all i'm system engineer and web designer :-) i'm asking this for a buddy of mine (he ain't amateur), so what i ment was is there possibility to check on-line does his engine has factory defect if i know his engine and chassis number.

cinqyg thanx for the info

posted by  Komita

Do you have all the tools, do you have a clean room and do you have a mill to skim the head. With diesels theres alot more to it than meats the eye. You will need to remove the engine out the bottom with an engine crane.

posted by  cinqyg

pal look, this friend of my has all the tools and he has huge garage and hi already dissasembled the entire engine, so he only asked me if i could get him the user manual and if i could find out if there is some way to check according to the engine and chassis number does his car has factory defect, that's all.

posted by  Komita

Any recalls will be on the website, the manual will give you details of useful things like torque settings and consumable parts.

posted by  cinqyg

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