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Alright, so I've had my Beretta for 3 years, and i'm about ready for a change.

I've been a fan of the 944 for a few years, and am thinking about getting one for my next car.

I've done a lot of reading on them, but have not had an opportunity to talk to anyone who knows much about them. I haven't had the chance to drive one yet either.

I'm curious if anyone has any first hand experience with 944s - is there anything in particular I should consider, any years to stay away from?

An 87-89 944 Turbo with 80-100k miles goes for about 8-9 thousand where I live. Decent buy?

I've been thinking about a 90+ 300ZX (as per a recommendation from a driver) as an alternative, but I could only get an N/A 300ZX for the same price as a 944 Turbo. I'm somewhat stuck on turbos.

What do you guys think?

posted by  PciMaster

well there great apart from the normal quicks of the manufacturer, but have to say once you get to that sort of age japs are probibly a safer bet.

posted by  cinqyg

My AP US History teacher has a 1986 N/A 944. He's done some custom speaker work, and performance work, and he's selling it for $3,000. 8-9 grand sounds like alot even for a turbo model.

posted by  abless

N/A cars go for considerably lower dollar figures than the turbo versions. Part of that is because the turbo versions are VASTLY more than just a 944 with a turbo on them: under the skin, they are virtually all new cars, and even teh bumpers are different visually. The whole drivetrain, suspension, and some of the chassis is unique to the 944 Turbo (aka 951). On top of that, for around $5k total, you can have a daily driver with almost 400 hp to the wheels, that is faster around a road race track than a 911 turbo. The 944 turbo is seeing a huge surge in popularity, so finding one for 8 grand in decent shape isn't a bad deal.

If you DO end up going with a normally aspirated 944, try to stay with the 1985.5 and newer versions, as the interior was completely upgraded, with better ergonomics, and more space from the seat to the steering wheel (the prior 944s still used the interior of the 924 that had been around since the mid '70s). They also had revised suspensions and better drivetrains.

A great place to go for info is here: http://forums.pelicanparts.com/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=3

You'll notice there is one forum for the 924/944/968, and a separate one for the 944 turbo...

posted by  ChrisV

I knew they had upgraded suspension, drivetrain etc. We talked about cars quite a bit. It just seems surprising to me that the Turbo model would be 3 times as much as the N/A.

posted by  abless

Whats the appeal?

posted by  cinqyg

One of the best handling cars (not just in numbers but in feel and responsiveness), along with an easily modded driveline that makes it a very fast car, for not a lot of money. You can go on all you want about Japanese supercars, but a mildly prepped 944 turbo (known as the 951) is simply one of the most competent cars ever produced for mass consumption.

And it's the demand that keeps it's price so much higher than the N/A versions. it really is a different car, and you have to drive one, especially on the track, to understand just how much better it is.

These cars were 160-170 mph daily drivers out of the box, and with mild mods, like PowerHaus's $5000 turbo/chip/exhaust/cam upgrade kit, you can see the high side of 190 mph in a daily driver car that can outhandle a 911 GT2. All for the price of a new Civic.

No, I can't see any appeal in that... :doh:

posted by  ChrisV

Not really, for less than that i can have a new seven

posted by  cinqyg

Yup, those are quite a few of the reasons I was drawn to the 944. I've decided to go with the turbo over the N/A. I've got to decide if the 88 S or 89 are worth the price premium for the extra power. I am inclined to forgo getting an 88 S or an 89, because it seems I could get the same performance (or better) by spending the extra money on engine mods.

The 86-88's had the K-26#6 turbo versus the 88 S and 89, which had the K-26#8. The #6 would likely give better throttle response, and (according to PowerHaus) coupled with a K-27 compressor, give an additional 35hp over stock. Considering my driving situation, less lag would probably be more beneficial.

Are there any compelling reasons to go for an 88 S or an 89?

By the way, ChrisV, have you had the opportunity to drive a 944 on a track? How was it?

Thanks for all the input thus far!

posted by  PciMaster

A "new" Seven? For less than $10k US? that does 160-170 mph, has room for real adults, is a practical daily driver, carrying luggage in a useable hatch, is comfortable to drive AND can handle extended road course track duty? I sincerely doubt it.

posted by  ChrisV

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