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Hey, Mercedes has been working on their S class for quite a while. I've found a few spy shots and want to get your perspective. Now these aren't concrete pics, meaning it's only a prototype/concept.

Here are some pics.





SJ EDIT: Pics were way too big...so i made 'em in to links! :thumbs:

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here's a better shot of the interior.

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That is a total improvement on the outdated S-Class in production currently. Very contemporary but still elegant. I'm sure the businessmen and lawyers will be very pleased to know they can get a brand-new Mercedes luxury sedan, instead of turning to an updated BMW, Jaguar, or Audi. Mercedes is the top name in luxury and quality... (Besides Rolls Royce/Bentley)

Do you know if Mercedes is thinking about putting the tiny, underpowered 4.3 litre V8 currently used in the S430? They should definitely use the 5.0 litre V8 which is used in the mid-sized E-Class and CLK-Class! I mean being the premier vehicle in MB's lineup, it should have a standard equal to or above its little siblings!

Updated looks and a healthy engine would definitley make me consider buying it, if I had the money, and I was old enough to drive...

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I think these pictures will give you a better sight at the coming S-Class:



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