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Could someone explain the difference and the relationship between Porsche and RUF? Is Ruf a designer like McLaren and Shelby? Is it like Shelby who was paid to make the Shelbies for Ford? Are they two different companies; and if so, why are Porsche Boxers made by both company.

posted by  zipper

I believe RUF is a performance brand, like Brabus is to Mercedes (not AMG...Brabus :thumbs: ) or Alpina is to BMW!

posted by  Cliffy

you are correct sir

posted by  mazda6man

So how can games like Gran Turismo 3 get licensing from RUF but not from Porsche? Are performance brands different from the actual companies and do they have rights to those cars? And what exactly is the difference between performance brands and the normal ones; just that they are modded to be better?

posted by  zipper

from what i know.....these companies take the cars and add their own little touches to them and thats why they are given different names like you get the subaru impreza P1 which is touched up by Prodrive right? that means that Prodrive can now call that car theirs right?

you get the idea now? pretty straight forward really

as for the touches, most of them are performance wise and you get the exterior touched up a little too

another example....is the BMW Z4....Alpina put their own little touches to it and named it Alpina Roadster S

posted by  WeaponR

Yeah, I never even knew RUF was Porsche's performance company. How the hell can you more perform a performance car? Yeah performance companys sign a contract with the car company I beleive to give them exclusive rights to that particular fixed up car. Kinda like the Nismo Skyline GTR or Evo8 RalliArt? And might I add Porsche is gay for not giving rights, and they are gay for only including the 328ci BMW on that game...

posted by  DSMer

easy! you add more to it.....you seem to step on the criticising pedal a little to quick DSMer

why don't you go and look up and compare the porsche 911 gt3 and the ruf r turbo.....im sure you'll see a difference

have fun whilst you doing it and cool that head of yours a little....take it easy on these people please! :wink2:

posted by  WeaponR

Exactly... AMG would not count because they are an in house company like Subaru Technica International (STI) to Subaru... RUF is a out of house performance boosting company for Porsche.

posted by  StiMan

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