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Any one seen or know anything about this car
Looks like something a pimp would drive

posted by  Car Nirvana

Well, other than the fact that a quick search with Google would anwer al your questions, the first thing to know is that Stutz is/was an American company.

The interesting thing (and European connection) was that the version YOU pictured was of the resurrected company. The design was originally done by the same guy that designed the older cars, Virgil Exener. The prototype was built by Ghia, in Italy, and the cars themselves were built at Cavallermaggiore, Italy.

The coupes were all custom built for the first year, but the sedans were built on GM chassis (and used the roof and inner structiure of the Olds 88 and Cadillacs). After the first year, the coupes were all built on GM intermediate chassis (and later a few were built on the Firebird chassis)

All of this contrasts starkly with the original Stutz. In fact, the original Stutz line culminated in the early '30s with the DV32, a production DOHC, all alloy, 4 valve per cyl, 8 cyl engine. Not bad for 1932 America!

posted by  ChrisV

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