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A brand spankin' new 'Merc'!

The new design direction of Mercedes is really good, and this car is an example of that. The only flawback looks to be the curved roof at the back, because that probably means limited headroom for backseat passengers. I hope the good folks at Stuttgart come out with an AMG version :wink2:

Looks like it's copied the lines of the SL. bet the SL owners are in a mood now :laughing: (i know one is) we just have to wait and see if the air-suspension ride can match the S-class. the interior just makes the S-class look cheap :laughing:

Take a look for yourself.....

not a big 'Merc' fan but this is.....Absolutely Gorgeous

posted by  WeaponR

I bet it will do well in the side Impacts tests :laughing:

posted by  Car Nirvana

Edit by Bav -- Lets try and express ourselves without having to resort to vulgar language...especially vulgar language coupled with bad grammar.

posted by  DSMer


now then, looks like we all got to be careful with what we say from now on

posted by  WeaponR

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