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The third generation Mercedes C-Class will go on sale in 2006 and it will feature design cues of the new E-Class and GST concept car. Take a look at it.

Although it will be a complete new model with very little design similarities with the current range, sources say that it won't take the same radical styling departure as the next BMW 3 Series.

Instead the 2006 Mercedes C-Class will have a conservative but classy design.

The car will be even more elegant than its predecessor, and its design is inspired by the E-Class.

On the inside it will be a different story - the car's interior will be more radical and futuristic with design cues of the GST concept car.

Of course the next C-Class will be bigger and it will offer better interior space. It shares its underpinnings with the new SLK roadster.

It is expected to be equipped with a host of new innovations and apparently it will also feature class-leading light technology.


posted by  WeaponR

Hope so !!! :wink2:

posted by  Car Nirvana

Again with the Maybach back ends. The circular rear ends... not a good thing. All cars should have trunks like the Evo and STi, then the world my friends would be a better place.

posted by  DSMer

Looks like a Taurus :ohcrap:

posted by  DodgeRida67

what's a Taurus? some american prestige/luxury car i suppose?

care to post a pic for us?

posted by  WeaponR

Haha prestige/luxery? HAHA! :laughing:. No actualy its a mid class sedan thats like Hondas. They are everywhere.. N very crappy looking I might add. 33/223832.jpg 33/223829.jpg

posted by  DSMer

well i don't know do i! i don't live in america!

DAMN! :ohcrap: that car looks UGLY!

posted by  WeaponR

Luckily the new C-Class won't look like this!
It will look more like that:

posted by  Diewaldo

hmm a little improved from the pics that i saw that would be the next C-Class. Thank you

posted by  WeaponR

well i dont think that there are thatmany of us who would really have the cash or even consider buying a merc if we did. There a bit of an old mans car, id drive a jag before a merc.

posted by  cinqyg

True benz are nice but there so heavy on the cash!

look at the BENZ AMG CLK GTR its a nice car but seriously whos gonna spend $1,547,000 on one it anit worth 1/4 of that in my oppinion.

benz anit exactly wow of the century dont get me wrong there nice but people who think there all that because they own one just look stupid

posted by  Lukaz

You'd also be going to get it repaired. Jaguars have some of the highest repair rates, unlike Benz wich has superior quality and performance. Driving a Jag before a Benz is almost like saying I'd take a Ford over a Honda, wich practically you are saying.. cause Jaugar is owned by Ford.

I've never seen to many Jags on the road, but I would have to denote more quality to even a C-Class over a top model Jaguar. Shoot I don't see how you can call a Benz an "old man" car. Nothing about MercedesBenz looks old whatsoever.. All new styling and curved contour bodies..If one had the money for a Benz but did'nt want one, I doubt one would buy a Jaguar, one would prefer a BMW. But thats just my :2cents:

Why do you keep calling MercedesBenz "merc"?..."merc" denotes the name Mercury. (ie. Merc Marquis) I believe that most people refer to Mercedes as Benz for short. I was kinda lost when you said Merc, I thought you were talking about a Mercury..

The same or similar people who would purchase the NSX pictured in your signature. Its a supercar, race teams buy them.. people with lots of money..super car enthusiast. Obviously a person like you would not see a supercar of any worth, thats because you don't have a use for it or you lack the knowledge of what it takes to build a supercar.. That or you have no apreciation for such a car or the people that build it.

And that guy who smiles and looks at you while driving his Mercedes may appear that he gloats, but hes just happy hes driving a car with good quality and performance. (Hey that could be a Mercedes commerical)

posted by  DSMer

Because i live in the uk, only mercury here is Hg. Over here there mercs, well jag interesting point, the mk 1 S types were really bad in terms of relability. thing about jags is they have charachter. Yeah i know they are fords underneath but they still special.

Well i wont drive a honda (or any other asian car) until they remove the fake elephant.

I dont like automatics! As this forum pointed out merc makes awful manual gearboxes, they have climbed to close to chrysler for there own good look at the crossfire for example, its a fashion statement no true driver would want it, well may be for a frustrating challenge.

The only people under 25 over here that drive mercs are either spoilt brats or drugs dealers, ooh and the fathful merc car sales person (to be PC).

posted by  cinqyg

I lost you right at that yellow spot... somwhere between "elephants" and "Chrysler"?Drug dealers and brats? While true, there are quite a few Mercedes owners who are well under 25 and would be considered tunerz. They drive C-Class's E-Class etc.. Not to mention almost every celebrity(whom tries to look young) has to own a Mercedes and I would doubt they would be considered old people.

posted by  DSMer

You obvously need to study chemistry. Hg is the periodic symbol for mercury.

As a lover of such car then i am sure you have noticed the large quanitity of grey leather effect plastic that lingers in them. IE fake elephant (word which no longer allowed since the KGB comander otherwise known as bav has taken control of free speach)

well as we know in different envirmoents manufacutres badge and brand them selves diffrently. Mercs are let me see how to put this, they dont offer very good value for money in terms of pure driving experiance.

posted by  cinqyg

Hmm the HG thingy does'nt really matter to me.. Mercury is the name in America and its an American made car. And I'm sure all the cars in UK say Mercury on them to(if you even care to drive them). I have no idea why would would even try to shorten MercedesBenz when all you have to say is Benz..same 4 letters as "merc" :screwy: Anywhos..

The "elephant" you probably refer to is Mercedes infamous silver color. I won't even bug to comment on this one for anyone who calls the leather of an interior or a Benz elephant(regaurdless or what color) shall be slapped and set back to Vinyl.. Also it comes in other colors

posted by  DSMer

no we dont have mercury! this is my point the only mercury we have is the HG kind , the metal!

No the elephant refers to the interiors of asian cars, go sit on a japanese car tomorow and look how much nasty grey plastic there is in it.

you americans some times, may be you should get out more, get an education or something. learn the periodic table.

posted by  cinqyg

Well if you don't have Mercury... "Merc" still means Mercury(The Car) because Mercedes(Mer-say-dees) should'tn be called Merc(murk). It would'nt be right, but then again I could see how you funny talkers could make such a simple name when Mercedes allreay has Benz for short.. Thats why people refer to Mercedes as just Benz, because they know a car that sounds just like "merc" exists not to mention Mercedes for short is just Benz.. Just to stop confusion... Europeans tsk tsk... maybe you should stop thinking that everything that only exists in Europe is important for and that nothing else matters, because Merc"ury" is a car and so is Merc"edes". Although you're the first and only European I've ever heard say merc.

Anyways I was'nt talking about Japanese cars with leather or interior for that matter. I have no idea why you are even bringing up the fact that they have "elephant" leather. :screwy: I was comparing the quality of a honda to a ford.. nothing to do with interiors. Anyways, this conversation is meaningless. Anyperson who would choose a Jaguar over a Mercedes needs serious help, and too bad if that includes you..

posted by  DSMer

just some info......

Mercedes – a Spanish girls’ name meaning ‘grace’ – was the name of the daughter born in 1889 to the Austrian businessman, Emil Jellinek, who had homes in Baden near Vienna and Nice.

A progressive thinker with an interest in sport, Jellinek turned his enthusiasm to the dawning age of the automobile, an invention he knew would be of key importance for the future. As early as 1897, he made the journey to Cannstatt to visit the Daimler factory and ordered his first Daimler car - a 6 hp belt-driven vehicle with two-cylinder engine.

But the car, delivered in October 1897 and with a top speed of 24 km/h, was soon too slow for Jellinek. He demanded 40 km/h and ordered two more vehicles. Supplied in September 1898, the two Daimler “Phoenix” cars, with their front–mounted 8 hp engines, were the world’s first road vehicles with four-cylinder engines.

Emil Jellinek had good contacts with the worlds of international finance and the aristocracy and became increasingly active as a businessman. In 1898, he began to promote and sell Daimler automobiles - in particular, within the higher echelons of society. In 1899, DMG supplied Jellinek with 10 vehicles; in 1900, he received as many as 29.

Jellinek demanded ever faster and more powerful vehicles from DMG. From 1899, he also entered these in race meetings – first and foremost of which was the Nice week – where he would race under his pseudonym, ‘Mercédès’, the name of his daughter aged ten at the time. Initially, he used the name not as an automotive brand name but merely as a team and driver designation.

At the beginning of April 1900, Jellinek made an agreement with DMG concerning sales of Daimler cars and engines. The decision was taken to develop a new engine “bearing the name Daimler-Mercedes”, thereby introducing Jellinek's pseudonym as a product designation.

also Benz is the second part of the trade name so it's like callin' some one with their surname.

i don't know why us brits call it Merc :banghead: it's either Mercedes or Benz!

im off to bed now, to damn tierd! Gudnite.

posted by  WeaponR

Okay, there is something to say about these posts before.

First, the Mercedes E-Class is the fourth most buyed car in Germany, the C-Class is Number 8, A-Class is on 10 (No 1: VW Golf, No 2: 3er BMW, No 3: Audi A4, No 5: VW Touran, No 6: VW Passat, No 7: Opel Astra, No 9: VW Polo). So as you can see, the Mercedes is here not only a car for rich people, as well as isn't BMW. It's a matter of fact, that the Germans spend a lot of money on their cars.

Also as said, the newer Mercedes car are real good to shift - as they all now have 6-speed shifting. Also in some tests the mercedes cars were even better than the BMW when it comes to driving.

I believe that in Swabia the Mercedes is even the most buyed car (as a matter of fact it is built down there).


posted by  Diewaldo

what's up with those taillights??? they look like something you'd find on an Audi! Mercedes coulda been a little more creative than that in their styling!

posted by  moostang104314

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