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I am a first time buyer and i am hoping you can help me in making a decision.

I am interested in buying the 2004 VW Jetta GL TDI Sedan. I will be a student for atleast 4 more years and will drive probably 20-25k miles a year. One more thing is that the diesel model gives a great mpg. Please share your views about the pros and cons of this choice.

What do you guys think would be the maintenance cost per month of this diesel model ?


posted by  htown

You need to visit the intro forum and post a thread about yourself, then you will find answers to your questions.

posted by  importluva

ditto :thumbs:

posted by  SuperJew

Well its basically a bora, so your looking at ~15k miles service interval the rest really depneds on how you drive, if your hard on the brakes and tyres then they wear faster, if your careful then you can probibly get 45k miles out the tyres and 30k out the brake pads. If you want economy then get a 6 speed manual.

the rest is self explanitory

posted by  cinqyg

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