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I have been looking at investing in a Saab, but i don't know as much about them as i should. I'm curious about things like reliability mostly, but really any information that you might have about Saabs in general is a great help.

Thanks ahead of time.

posted by  Locke

dunno alot about em, they are pretty reliable as far as asian imports go, I havent seen any disastrous photos of them being riced out.

Their sport sedan is pretty nice, 2.0T 210hp
Engine Specifications - 2.0T (210 hp)
Type - 4-cyl. turbo
Displacement cu. in (cc) - 121 (1,988)
SAE rating hp at rpm - 210 at 5,300
SAE peak torque lb.-ft. at rpm - 221 at 2,500

manual 5stick is standard, can get a 5spd auto or a 6spd stick

posted by  Aten


Quit attempting to impress to impress people with knowledge you don't have. Unless they moved the entire country, Sweden is nowhere near Asia. Try Europe. And Saabs are still made in Sweden.

And yes, Saab makes a good car, however depending on where you live it may be a bitch to get it worked on.

posted by  vwhobo

Ok, my mistake asshole, whenever someone talks about saab around here they say its asian, I never really CARED where theyre from.

posted by  Aten

Aten, does your mommy know you use words like that? Recess is over, time to go back to third grade.

posted by  vwhobo

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posted by  Unfedfat

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posted by  Aten

Insult? Why no, that was a compliment. I said third grade when you're actually in first.

posted by  vwhobo

my dad owns a 99-00 (not sure exactly what year) saab 95 sedan. its really slick, great handling, quiet, and very reliable, havent had any problems with it at all. ive driven it many times and i must say i love it. the new one that just came out, i think its the 93 Vector Sports Sedan, looks to be a very promising car, very very slick. anyways, hope that helps you out some.

posted by  Goodfella

no but aten you are a moron, ive seen some of your past posts.....

saabs are sweet cars! my grandma has a 94 saab 900s non turbo. its an auto but still fun even has a front sstrut tower bar stock, and its the good kind it attaches to the firewall :D WEEEEEEEEEEE

also on a side note: most if not all saabs have a flat torque curve :D OMG OMG OMG its schweet!

posted by  Arthur

i say this for both volvos and saabs.... theyre tanks.... very asome tanks haha

posted by  mazda6man

saabs arent that heavy

posted by  Arthur

hi..i have a saab 900 abbottracing cabriolet... Its done 104,000 miles yet engine is still going strongly.... I use it as my 3rd car and is 8.5 years old. No big mechanical worries...

As far as saab's go...they are reliable (especially if you opt for the non turbos)..the turbos get problems after 80,000 miles. The diesel is another strong engine....Saabs in sweden..(where they are made in Trollhatten)...are seen as a car manufacturer with strong build quality and reliable engines.... The normal aspirated engines should get to 250,000 miles before engine rebuild.

posted by  fukwit

saabs also go fast..mine goes ok..and can keep up with a bmw 328

posted by  fukwit

GM now owns Saab, for what it's worth. The last Saab 9-3 wasn't that great to drive, because it used a crappy floorpan from the Opel Cavalier. However, they're distinctive, quick and lovely inside. The 9000 was a wonderful old beast: the floorpan was actually shared with the Alfa 164, Fiat Croma, etc, and it handled beautifully. It's also pretty tough, and most engines should be good for nigh-on 250,000 miles.

The Saab 96 is one of my favourite classic cars. It's more quirky than most, starting out with a two-stroke engine, then going on to use a wheezy Ford V4. They painted a lot of them orange, for 'safety reasons'.

posted by  heebee

did saab ever make any rwd cars? are they going to?

posted by  chloroform

Saab is going to make a Subaru type Saab..basically a WRX Subaru with a saab front and back end. So thats got 4wd, and 220bhp. Also coming out shortly is a new 2.8 litre turbo v6 with 250bhp and should go fast.

posted by  fukwit

Good job reviving a two year old thread.


posted by  abless

Lay off... my goodness. Everyone here is so negative all the god damn time.

And I just had to add this: vwhobo.... Sweden IS near Asia.

posted by  ToCkS

and the earth is close to the sun....Sweden near Asia? anyone else got an atlas? thats like saying Paris is nearly in Africa....

posted by  hammerthief

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posted by  windsonian

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posted by  StiMan

Asia doesn't include only far east countries (Japan, Korea, China)E

EDIT: Sweden is what, 1000 miles to Asia? (Taking closest points)

posted by  ToCkS

But Sweden is IN EUROPE now matter how near or far it is from anywhere else...i could just as easy say USA is nearly in Asia...not far across from Alaska is it?... :screwy:

posted by  hammerthief

Very true. You cant say Alaska is near Asia because they are different. (I guess...)

posted by  StiMan

It's no point arguing with you guys. :banghead:

posted by  ToCkS


I don't see why not. I'd say Alaska is very close to asia. Native Americans traveled from Asia to Alaska and down to get to modern day US. :roll: :tard:

posted by  ToCkS


I might as well say my friend who is 45 seconds (of walking) away does not live close to me because he's on a different street. Because he's on Street A, it doesn't matter how close he is to Street B (where I am), because they are different streets, and so therefore I cannot say my friend lives close to me.

The second part is so retarded I just can't understand it. Maybe you're trying to say Alaska is not part of the US because it's not on the mainland? Well that's a different story isn't it? :screwy: :screwy: :screwy:

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posted by  ToCkS

Geography lesson of the day:

posted by  Gothicaleigh

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